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Dev chat tonight.. is it over? i miss it

NasedooNasedoo Member Posts: 486
did that dev chat tonight... is it over? or something? i m haveing problems try to get on it ... can't find  how to get there... if its over any one got a chat log thing of what the dev's said??

Nasedoo: You said traders would get a revamp under my supervision.

Darth Lord Blixtev: I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further.



  • NasedooNasedoo Member Posts: 486
    come on? sounds like its over? any chat logs? or what happen.. tell me

    Nasedoo: You said traders would get a revamp under my supervision.

    Darth Lord Blixtev: I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further.


  • anaicanaic Member Posts: 409

    [17:05] Sprite|work: Welcome to another great Stratics house of commons with the developers of Star Wars Galaxies! We'd like to discuss Chapter 3 features tonight so try to keep your questions around this.

     [17:05] Sprite|work: Please send your questions to [QT]Preston by using /msg [QT]aceid My question here.  Questions sent to myself or the developers will NOT be answered so please do not send them to us.  You only need to send your question one time and only to one QT.  Sending it multiple times will not increase the likelihood of it being answered.

    [17:05] Sprite|work: We'll begin with a brief introduction from our guests and then proceed with the chat.  Now would be a good time to send those questions to [QT]Preston or [QT]aceid!

     [17:05] TH: Evenin' folks!  Thunderheart here.  I hope everyone is doing well.

    [17:05] Rogue_5: Hi!  My name is Grant "Rogue_5" McDaniel and I am the SOE Producer for Star Wars Galaxies.

     [17:06] Teesquared: Hello, I’m Tony Tyson, Star Wars Galaxies Technical Director. Welcome!

    [17:06] Swede: Evening everyone. Swede here, SOE content designer on SWG.

     [17:06] Vapor: Hello everyone, my name is David Jones and I am the Associate Producer on Galaxies. Welcome!

     [17:06] AddySWG: Hell! Pete "Addy" Warner - Senior Designer SWG

     [17:06] AddySWG: er hello

     [17:07] HanseSOE: Hiya!  I'm Thomas "Hanse" Eidson - System Designer SWG

    [17:07] Shadowbrak: Hello everyone, I’m Travis Hicks. System Designer for the GCW Ranking system.

     [17:08] Sprite|work: *[Eur-Chim]Zergal* Hi! How many GCW points is needed to reach of the different GCW ranks?

     [17:10] Shadowbrak: *[Eur-Chim]Zergal* The GCW points ranking system is being monitored during the first month and additional updates will be made to all formulae based on data collected. You have already seen some of the changes with DevH’s modification to the weekly limit. More data will be available after the first round of adjustments have been made. Long answer short, we are not releasing those numbers at this time.

     [17:10] Sprite|work: *Duragoth* It was mentioned in the Galaxy Report that the Smuggler system might have added on content in future publishes, and that Spyies and Treaders may play a part. Could this get expanded on?

     [17:11] Helios_SOE: We have some things we'd like to do, but at this point there's nothing concrete on the schedule yet.  We'll slot that stuff in as we get time.

    [17:11] Sprite|work: *Jason_Nezumi* Do the GCW reward armor kits work on regular armor?

     [17:12] Swede: Jason_Nezumi - No, it will only work on the new armor that is granted through the GCW rank system. These color kits only work with our new armor creation system and need to be linked to their specific armor set. That's why we haven't been able to make a color kit for, for example, the old Mandalorian armor.

     [17:13] Sprite|work: *DarthScin* Rumor had it, there was going to be a building purge when Chapter 3 hit. As a veteran player, I have a certain nostalgia for the "empty world" that greeted us when we first logged onto a server at release. Are there any plans to either do a total wipe of one or more servers, or to start a new server?

     [17:14] Vapor: We do have plans to cleanup the abandoned structures; however we do not have a specific timeline. When we do proceed with the cleanup there will be clear communication ahead of the time.

     [17:15] Sprite|work: *[IA]Gaius* Will faction users ever get bonuses for using faction specific weapons? (I.E. An Imperial getting some type of constitution bonus for wearing a full set of Stormtrooper armor, an agility bonus for wearing a full set of Scout, and precision for using an E11, Scout Pistol, SR Combat Pistol, etc) Quick second question: Black Scout Trooper (Storm Commando) armor: will it ever happen?

     [17:16] Shadowbrak: *[IA]Gaius* Bonuses based on artificial restrictions have been met with mixed results in the past. If as a matter of content we decide to add bonuses for stringent restrictions that will be a case by case basis, but will not be an overall policy.

     [17:16] Sprite|work: *Genie[RADIANT]* With chapter 3 released, there have been a few bugs (PVP Death loading issue) and promised items listed for space (GCW for PVP and attackable space stations). Will these items be addressed soon and when?

     [17:18] Shadowbrak: *Genie[RADIANT]* The space PvP death issue will be fixed with the release of 3.2 tomorrow. Attackable faction space stations is not currently a chapter issue nor a chapter 4 item.

     [17:19] Sprite|work: *Caylin* With the implementation of various expertise abilities for the Smuggler profession, how is the apparent impotence of abilities such as Sly Lie and Fast Talk being addressed? The content specific limitations of these abilities, for only a portion of the available content (they have no use in space) would seem to indicate changes should be made to their behavior or even their existence.

    [17:19] HanseSOE: Hmmm

     [17:20] HanseSOE: We'll look into this issue.  I've heard rumors and grumblings, but it sounds like the abilities are working as designed, but the percentages may be too low...

     [17:20] Sprite|work: *vegeto-scylla* Its true that the Jedis are going to get a new color crystal when they get to General and if its true what is the color?

     [17:21] Swede: Vegeto-scylla - It is true that a new color crystal is granted at rank 12. I don't want to give away what color it is but I can tell you what color it's not. Hot pink.

     [17:21] Sprite|work: *[Sunrunner]CZnJ* Is there an adjusted ETA for the crafter revamp as yet?

     [17:24] Rogue_5: We don't have an ETA yet.  We have gathered a lot of feedback from the forums and are actively working on the changes.

     [17:24] Sprite|work: *Sissor-BP* We have heard on several occasions that Gunboats are ready and waiting for a viable Release, with the launch of Smuggling (neutral) and GCW (factional) systems was this not an opportune time to add them in?

    [17:24] Shadowbrak: Sissor-BP* Gunboats are far from complete unfortunately and are not on the current chapter schedule.

    [17:24] Sprite|work: *Broodwich* I'd like to know if they feel thier spec system is going according to the schedule and do they still plan to have all the class spec systems completed by March?

     [17:25] Vapor: Right now our number one priority is finishing up the expertise for the remaining professions.

     [17:26] Sprite|work: *Duragoth* since we now have a real functioning GCW ranking system, will we now get the chance to wear our ranks on factional uniforms?

     [17:27] Shadowbrak: *Duragoth* The art limitations have not been overcome at this time. Displayable rank insignia would currently add a level of unsupported customization on the player avatar. This item is still a long term goal for the team.

     [17:28] Sprite|work: For those of you just joining us:  Tonight's Topic is Chapter 3 features discussion.  Please send your questions to [QT]Preston or [QT]aceid, questions sent to myself or the developers will not make it into the lineup!

    [17:28] Sprite|work: *Bloodfin_Neak* Can we get some more info on the new crafter system? Mainly what are you going to do to replace decay in the new system?

     [17:29] *** Sprite|work has changed the topic on channel #straticsHoC to Welcome to tonight’s House of Commons chat with the developers of Star Wars Galaxies.  Tonight’s topic is Chapter 3 features.  Send your questions to [QT]Preston or [QT]aceid, questions sent to myself or the developers will not make the linup!.

    [17:29] Neif: Hey Neak, unfortunately we're not ready to give anything away on the Trader system.  However we are constantly gathering feedback from you guys and what you're looking for, and that will be taken into account during the design phase.  Seriously.

     [17:30] Sprite|work: *Fariq_Asaka* Now that we know that Trader is not being revamped for Chapter 4 and given the lower amount of content that is scheduled for this Chapter, do you think we will be able to do the Commando, Medic, and Spy Expertise systems with Chapter 4?

     [17:31] Rogue_5: Absolutely.  I am happy to say that expertise updates for all three of those professions are planned as part of Chapter 4.

    [17:31] Sprite|work: *[Smuggler]Vincent76* Hi there. Hanse Stated that he would be working on bugfixing based on backlogs. Any chance that the bugs & issues stated on the smuggler forum focus thread has been taken into account?

    [17:31] TH: Yes, I've discussed the smuggler issues thread with the team and they've been looking at it.

     [17:31] TH: For those of you who are interested, you can see the thread here: http://soe.lithium.com/swg/board/message?board.id=ngesmuggler&message.id=13789

    [17:32] TH: Badger and the smugglers have done a great job.

    [17:32] Sprite|work: *COLS_Gassygunslinger* Will Concussion Shot be fixed? Right now it SAYS its a root, acts like a snare, and is bugged anyways. Also, will the reduction of damage be addressed?

     [17:33] HanseSOE: The Concussion Shot actually had the wrong damage data associated with it, which is why it is being reduced.  Although, its cooldown timer is being reduced, too...to help compensate.

     [17:33] HanseSOE: Concussion Shot should not root.  If it says it roots, it is incorrect.

     [17:34] Sprite|work: *Gothmogg* Hi, I was just wondering if you could possibly expand upon the smuggler PvP operative missions, do we get some sort of confirmation it's a smuggler? Or how they can take care of their bountys entirely. This tends to be a very tedious and aggravating experience

     [17:37] AddySWG: Smugglers will show up on the terminals currently. I will look into the question of if they are properly displaying as a smuggler

     [17:37] Sprite|work: *[Sunrunner]CZnJ* With this latest set of patches concerning turrets, does this mean the old ones will just poof until we've reached the ranks necessary to buy new ones?

     [17:38] Shadowbrak: *[Sunrunner]CZnJ* A turret placed prior to chapter three is in an unrecoverable state and will remove itself from the world. Existing and future purchased turret deeds when donated to a base will function under the improved rule-set.

     [17:38] Sprite|work: *razor* Will there be any space specific GCW rewards added to the system? Right now, there isn't much of an incentive for full-time pilots to participate.

    [17:39] Swede: razor - We don't currently have any space reward additions scheduled but it's definitely something that might be added in the future. Time constraints was all that kept me from being able to add any in this first batch of GCW rewards but the list of rewards can always be expanded.

     [17:39] Sprite|work: *c-imp|Okegima* hello i have a question about gcw do there is something in project for the player who don't have much time to spent in game and allowed them to keep their officer rank ?

    [17:40] Helios_SOE: The enlisted ranks are targeted for the more casual player.   Officer ranks grant greater perks to the player and are generally more important on the battlefield.   As such, Officer ranks will require continued participation.  Currently there is no plan to change the rate of decay for Officer ratings.

    [17:41] Sprite|work: *Gaarawarr* Currently with the new GCW point system, it is possible to use the old "Fight Club" method to level since there is no time limit for gaining points off another player.  Is this going to be fixed or are you encouraging this system again?

     [17:42] Shadowbrak: *Gaarawarr* There is a daily limit of points you can gain from defeating a player in PvP combat. This point threshold increases as you gain level. To offset the limit dedicated PvP areas such as Restuss and the Static Bases introduced in chapter two provided a Bonus Update every 10 minutes. The bonus is determined by individual participation, unique activity, total activity and faction imbalance so the actual bonus value can

    [17:42] Sprite|work: *COLS_fordaith* since it has been brought up that Spy is on deck for chpt 4, heard a rumor that Ranger style items were being added to Spy, any truth to this?

    [17:42] Vapor: We are still very early in the design process for Spy Expertise. As we get further along with the design I would expect to see information posted in the forums. Stay Tuned!

    [17:42] Sprite|work: *vegeto-scylla* Again, what will be the benefits of being a General?

     [17:43] Swede: vegeto-scylla - As a General, for as long as you have that rank, you will have access to all the six new GCW abilities granted between rank 7-12. The General ability is a bomber run.

    [17:44] Swede: You will also get a badge when you get a rank 7 and above. Finally, as a General you will have access to several new weapons and the new Lightsaber crystal.

     [17:47] Sprite|work: *[Kauri]Dirrk* a jedi is a keeper of the peace...not soldiers...why put the crystal in the GCW and not in specific Jedi quests?

     [17:49] Swede: Dirrk - We have a General reward fitting each class. We wanted one for Jedi that are interested in the GCW as well. This is not to say that in the future more crystals won't be added that will be granted through more peaceful means.

    [17:49] Sprite|work: *Fariq_Asaka* Why does there appear to be such a big disparity between the contraband drop rates in space vs ground? Will the ground drop rate be increased to be inline with space rather than nerfing the space drop rate?

    [17:50] AddySWG: So there is a difference in the way loot is generated on the ground vs in space - this may indded have led to different rates of contraband appearing as loot - I will look into this - we want the rates to be as close to the same as possible

     [17:51] Sprite|work: *Kez* Can you tell me about the lightsaber crystal?

     [17:52] Vapor: Yes, It’s the color "Awesome" =)

     [17:52] Sprite|work: *Mhael* No human species have to pay more for factiional items. why isn't this balanced out so that all species pay the same. If you are going to say that one faction chooses one species over another, and non human species are at a disadvantage for being Imperial even though we choose our species before the NGE hit, do we not deserve a species respec or at least equal quality among factional items

    [17:52] Swede: Mhael - We did reduce the cost penalty for being a different species in the Empire but there's still some penalty. It's always been a strong fictional element of the Empire that they mainly employed humans and had a distrust for other species, so we didn't want to remove it completely.

    [17:53] Sprite|work: *arthog-Sunrunner* Last night on Sunrunner about 15 level 100 at-st's spawned in Restuss, this lead to some awesome pvp. Will we see any added content to Restuss? i.e. quests,rewards,etc.

     [17:53] Shadowbrak: arthog-Sunrunner* Restuss already has a large amount of PvE and PvP content available and future additions will be spread around to other areas in the game world. What you experienced was likely our Live Events Team.

    [17:53] Sprite|work: *Sassums* If there are no plans for medic to be able to craft anything, for that matter, would it at all be possible to allow Traders to craft such items, Stims, or other healing type enhancements?

     [17:55] Helios_SOE: Highly likely.  That sort of thing would go  a long way towards creating a new market for crafters by letting them create deplete-able wares.

     [17:56] Sprite|work: *vegeto-scylla* Do you have plans for losing rank everand losing abilities?

     [17:57] Swede: vegeto-scylla - Yes if you have a long period of inactivity where you don't do anything to support the GCW, you will lose your rank, if you're above rank 6. When you lose a rank (7-12) you will lose the ability that was granted with that rank. You will NOT however lose the rewards that you bought while you were that rank.

     [17:58] Swede: item-rewards that is

    [17:58] Sprite|work: *Squeitor* when we will can buy a player base? In what rank?

    [17:58] Shadowbrak: Player bases will be available for purchase at ranks 6 and 7

    [17:59] Sprite|work: *Amoupoti-Intrepid* hi wondering if there are any plans for players to get gcw points for healing and rezzing?  In any specific areas?

     [17:59] Shadowbrak: *Amoupoti-Intrepid* Medics are possession of respectable offensive capabilities and it was decided to not include support abilities in the scoring mechanism.

    [17:59] Sprite|work: *Fariq_Asaka* Are bounties being placed on players for killing NPC's of the oppisite faction?

     [18:01] Neif: You won't get a bounty for killing any NPC's.  Since bounty hunting is a PvP aspect, you'll have to take specific actions to get a BH on your tail.  Things like Smuggling illicit cargo, or deathblowing a player and getting a price on your head.

    [18:02] Sprite|work: *BothanSpy* Are spy traps intentionally left out atm or is this a bug?

    [18:02] Shadowbrak: <BothanSpy> The spy traps are currently sold at rank three though in an upcoming update they will lowered to rank one so that they are immediately available to our spy community.

     [18:02] Sprite|work: That's it for this one folks! Thanks for joining us here on Stratics IRC, the logs will be up on http://swg.stratics.com shortly.  Feel free to join #starwars for open discussion.  Be sure to come by next time!

  • NasedooNasedoo Member Posts: 486
    thats a good 10 mins of my time im never going to get back ever... SWG still as crapy as ever

    Nasedoo: You said traders would get a revamp under my supervision.

    Darth Lord Blixtev: I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further.


  • wolfmannwolfmann Member Posts: 1,159

    Notice how they said Gunboats were far from complete? Thats not what they said when they told us about them gunboats.

    And gunboats werent even as close to completion as the Lambda Class shuttle that was the "ship in the making " before the Gunboat....Yet everyone asks for the gunboat, and forgotten the Lambda.

    imageThe last of the Trackers

  • chlaoschlaos Member Posts: 1,118

    "The man who exchanges Liberty for Iconic classes is a fool deserving of neither." - Me and Ben Franklin

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