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ValaraukValarauk Member Posts: 303

1. How does the game today compare to itself from release/6months out.

2. How is it not dead yet (I don't care how good it is now, keeping it alive must of taken a supreme effort from somewhere).

3. Is it really free now and where can I get it? (+ how does it pay for itself?)

4. Was the memory leak fixed?

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  • ScarisScaris Member UncommonPosts: 5,332
    I can't answer all of those but I will answer what I can.

    1. I didn't start playing til it went free but it seems to run as a solid game. The skills system was really impressive to me along with the highly unique races (and alot of them). I don't know how it was at launch other then I remember alot of bug issues which I do not see in it now. The game seems solid.

    2. I see people, I wouldn't say the game is screaming packed or anything but it's not barren either.

    3. It's completely free and you get all the expansions with it.

    4. I haven't seen any memory leak in it, it runs great on my laptop with 2gb of ram.

    - Scaris

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