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Will Sony's woes effect SOE & SWG?



  • Wildcat84Wildcat84 Member Posts: 2,304
    If you are Blizzard, WHY would you want to buy SOE and run a bunch of failed games just to make a little money off EQ which is basically the same type of game as WoW (though much better) when you will have to absorb a HUGE increase in dev costs?

    If Blizzard offers another MMO it will be World of Starcraft.  Right now they have ONE MMO to develop and run and it has more subs than everyone else put together.

  • BogdawsonBogdawson Member Posts: 202

    Originally posted by haxxjoo

    Originally posted by Shayde

    Originally posted by Wildcat84

    Originally posted by Rabia
    Yes, they will want to sell SOE as a business unit.  Prehaps Bioware will buyt them.
    About the only thing SOE has that's worth buying is EQ/EQ2.  And that is getting to be worth less and less...

    Blizzard could buy them with the change from their couch.

    what does soe have you'd want to buy?

    Developers of talent? Have you seen Helios body of work?

    Game Engine? They just licensed an engine they dont have one worth stealing

    IP? Sorry but WoW > EQ. SWG is dealing with LA and a license so ah no. Other titles?

    Management? ROTFLMAO at the thought.

    As far as buying a developer why would anyone target soe?

    In two words E.A. I know for a fact they want a slice of the mmo pie, what do they have UO which is order then dirt. besides E.A. likes buying everything just like Bill Gates. if sony sells ea will buy, cut up soe into little pieces, fire a bunch of people, and make a brand new batch of shit, cause they sux as much as soe lol.
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