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Are they starting any new quest and new items in eq1 (the original version)

geemanjrgeemanjr Member Posts: 94

im really curious if they are adding on quests or new items because the game itsself is so old that they prolly

stoped well im just curious so drop a line if you know


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  • neschrianeschria Member UncommonPosts: 1,406

    The newest expansion, just released on September 19, is very, very, very quest heavy. Did I mention there are a lot of new quests in it? And there are always more items with every expansion.

    Whether it is a good thing or not is another question. Gear is getting completely insane. You know it is insane when an average group finishes a mission and noone loots a robe with +130 HP/+125 MANA because everyone who could use it has better. To someone who scrimped and saved to buy a pair of Jagged Bands (+3 str/5AC rings), that's... just... crazy. And it makes old content pretty much obsolete, or at least trivial to do.

    This is where I draw the line: __________________.

  • geemanjrgeemanjr Member Posts: 94
    no im talking about the original everquest not ne of the expansions

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  • DelamekoDelameko Member Posts: 200
    They've been revamping the old zones.  I don't know if they've added new quests to them, but they look nice 

  • FogelFogel Member Posts: 40
    Most of the revamped zones have added quests to them. Some of the
    quests are expansion locked though, so if you don't have some of the
    expansions you won't get to access them.

    Probably the best quest to level with at low level(its good xp all the
    way up into mid 20's) is called the great caimen something(hehe forgot)
    in South ro down past the docks. As it is, if only one group is doing
    the quest it is easily the fastest way to level these days(that I know
    of). Some TSS quests might rival it though, as I haven't started up a
    baby Drakkin yet.

  • geemanjrgeemanjr Member Posts: 94
    yeah i was also wondering which game is better eq1 or daoc?

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  • GryphinGryphin Member Posts: 13
    If theese are the only games your currently intrested in. Than, EQ if questing, lore, and pve are your main aspects for a good game. And on the other hand DAoC is great for PvP or RvR. 

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