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mxmissilemxmissile Member UncommonPosts: 275
Is this another Korean conversion click to move type game? 


  • IdesofMarchIdesofMarch Member Posts: 1,164

    You'll be happy to hear (I think) that it is not. =]

    "Spellborn International was established in 2004 for creating the game Chronicles of Spellborn exclusively. This gives the dame designers and developers a chance to develop things without being under the influence of a major market label. With over 35 developers working consistently on the game from all over the world, Spellborn offers a multicultural approach to game play. Developers from many parts of Europe, the U.S. and Canada are coming together to launch the production side of The Chronicles of Spellborn."

    For more information: http://tcos.com/en/gameworld/?id=faq

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