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Old Shabowbane player

Agathos88Agathos88 Member UncommonPosts: 92
hey guys, I played ShadowBane  for about 3 months right after release, it was a great game, but the lag issues were horrible, I tried the trial where they let old members come back and try the game again, so I logged in, the community shut down on the Death Server, the number of people dropped literally by Hundreds... the game seemed alot better, but everyone was gone....... im sure being another year they have fixed some things since then, i have a Rank 6, lvl 60 Half Giant Warrior on the Death Server... i was wondering if anyone out there plays on the death server, or shadowbane period that could tell me what the average amount of people is on the server, im into a community heh.                               im a diehard pvp fan, played DAoC for over a year,  I was even the  #1 ShadowBlade on Mordred*pvp server of the pvp game...* for over 3 months*til i quit the game*                                                                     but i like to roleplay too, 1 thing I Love about mmorpg's is a Community                 i just found out there is no more death server... does this mean my character is gone or was it merged to a different server

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  • GilthaniGilthani Member Posts: 65
    im pretty sure he migrated to some other one i hope : (



  • AstrovarAstrovar Member Posts: 2
    Your Character is stuck in "the void" atm, what you have to do the next time you log in is just click the migrate button and choose the server you wish to migrate to.

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