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Too bad they ruined the game with Shadowlands

Kaynos1972Kaynos1972 Member Posts: 2,316

I really liked playing AO for almost 18 monhts.   I liked the fact that it was possible to solo effectively at any level and by grouping it was possible to really speed up the leveling process.   AO had some nice quests and features i enjoyed very much.

Now Shadowlands, what a let down.   It's like they took everything good in the regular game and removed it.   They literally turn the game into EQ.   Shadowlands at level 200 is nothing more then : Camp, camp, camp,  farm, farm, farm run, run, run and once you done doing that do it again 100 time cause you need 76 of this, 34 of that just to be able to go to the next playfield.   And i'm not talking about nerfs, crats that were supposed to be the master a crowd control find themself unable to do it in SL and mobs hitting like 5-6 time harder then those on RK for 1/10 the experience.

Big, big disapointment for me, that's why i quit after playing for 18 monhts and leveling a char to 200 and once more to 170.



  • HemKhanHemKhan Member Posts: 231
    Finally.....someone  I can agree with.


  • strudelbrainstrudelbrain Member Posts: 2

    Well, I would not entirely agree. I would not say that they ruined it, but it has become a lot simpler, with much more mass-appeal. Its still a hell of a good game and people who just started wont notice much, but to most who've been with AO from the beginning it is probably a disapointment after some time.

    (I just deleted level 210, level 200, level 165 and level 110 toons and closed my account two days ago. Still feel a little sad - its like you lost a good mate or something image

  • britFROMcalibritFROMcali Member Posts: 25
    Aye I do feel Shadowlands has screwed over AO. The scenery in the Shadowlands isn't even that great, and its and expansion. I have more of an 'epic' feel when I'm playing back on Rubi'Ka. Shadowlands just feels like a sitter. Anyone else feel this way?

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