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English Granado Espada Site Updated

CleffyIICleffyII Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,440

Check it out, one of the top games is finally being translated into English.  BTW most of the shots are in-game aside from a few 2d renders.

Granado Espada English Site

I have been waiting for this to happen since February.



  • RoinRoin Member RarePosts: 3,401
    Finally an update.  If I don't get into the CB I think i'm going to lose it.  GE is probably one of the most interesting, and imho original MMORPG's around.

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  • TheWarcTheWarc Member Posts: 1,199
    Looks piratey! Ima try it out.
  • CleffyIICleffyII Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,440
    I am just sad it took me 2 months to figure out they updated thier english site.


  • GorukhaGorukha Member Posts: 1,441
      Ok so you get to have 3 characters instead of one. What's different besides that, compared to other asian mmorpgs ? So you get to grind with more characters, big whoop.  From what I read the game cost 50 million dollars to make. I don't see what the money went into other than detailed graphics frankly.  Hope this one turns out to be good though looks nice.

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  • CleffyIICleffyII Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,440

    This game actually very different then many mmorpgs.  Obviously the graphics are nice and they have the 3 person control. 

    But this game wasn't created by Mr.CloneMaker 3000 it was made by the most famous korean game designer of them all Kim Hak Kyu.  Let me tell you about him.  He was dropped from his colleges Math department.  Despite this fact he learned programming and developed the widely known game Arc the Lad.  I don't think he had any part in the sequels, but he made the original.  After that he did several other projects under a company he made, Gravity.  He then published Ragnarok Online which until WoW, made his company the second highest grossing mmo company in the world.  However, he left just after release when his company was bought out by Samsung, and he disagreed with several things Samsung wanted to add to the game based on EQs success in the west.  So he left and created another company.  However, now he was known for publishing hit games.  Thats when he was offered 56 million USD to develop Granado Espada. 

    If you followed the development with this game; it wasn't like any mmo development to date.  Infact it was revolutionary.  Unlike most developers who pay a slim to moderate attention to thier player base.  Kim Hak Kyu was very interested in peoples opinions.  After putting in long hours developing the game, he would then go onto game sites and read players opinions on games and his game.  Then he would informally respond to them and critically evaluate thier opinions to see if he can logically implement them without ruining the game.  Only small companies have been known to attach themselves with the player base that much; its pretty much unheard of for a blockbuster game on the scope of Granado Espada.

    After the beta testing of Granado Espada it was seen the resounding response to the game.  It was constantly in the top 10 most played games at internet cafes.  It also quickly pulled in the limit for testers in Japan which doesn't have a large mmo player base.  Also mugengia and many others that have played the game have given it outstanding reviews aside from 1 missing point.  There doesn't seem to be alot of social interaction.  There is some but not a ton like what you would normally see in a Korean mmo (2k people in 1 town).  Still like they say on the site.  It could potentially beat WoW on profit margins when it is fully released and completely distributed.

    The real power of this game is seen through the implementation of the 3 character setup.  Its no longer the mundane single person epic.  It may like a small feature since they only wrote a few sentences about it; but it truly is an epic thing.  First you get to play a game like an action-RPG  FF, Star Ocean.  Those types.  However, the implementation I saw also makes you think that it also plays alot like a RTS.  The 3 person setup offers new venues for strategy unprecedented in any mmo today.  The 3 person setup also offers a whole new dynamic to your appearance on an mmo.  No longer will you have to play a chick to see some nice ass.  You can be a guy, then have your other 2 characters that are controlled by AI be 2 hotties latching onto your arms.  Finally there is the NPC dynamic and trading characters.  You can trade your trusty scout to someone else for a Musketeer.  You can also hire NPCs with hidden abilities offering even more possiblities.

    The supreme approach to realism also has not been matched.  Aside from the use of magic and monsters, this game is designed pain stackingly around the explorer age of the 17th-18th century.  Not many teams actually go to Europe to see how the Boroque architecture looks and be able to look at every single facet for inspiration.  Also its graphics are gorgeuos (haha Korean games look anime).

    Aside from that though, I have no idea what else there is to this game.  It does still have alot of pluses.  Its style is new and unused.  Its forward-featuring game mechanics really will offer a new way to play an mmo. Its made by a legendary designer.  It isn't overly taxing on the system despite being so good looking.  People report its fun.


  • PraetorianiPraetoriani Member Posts: 1,147
    Wow, Cleffy just made me interested in a game I had not paid attention to before. Thanks.

    Allow me to ask, Cleffy -  do you happen to know what is the economy like? Are there randomly generated items? Can every item be traded, rather than bind on pickup and such? What about the endgame?

  • GameloadingGameloading Member UncommonPosts: 14,182

    The fact Kim Hak Kyu is involved is more then enough to keep me intrested.

    here is a gameplay video, looks amazing:

    also, according to the official Granado espada site, the game is already number 1 in korea, and received a whooping 100k beta testers in just 7 hours after the beta went live in japan.

    Finally a true revolutionary game. I fully support games like Grenado Espada and Age of Conan who are finally trying something diffrent. the theme of Grenado Espada has never been used before. +10 points for orginality.

    also the fact that they stated they only see World of Warcraft as a true rival proves they are well motivated.

    definitly a title to look out for.

  • CleffyIICleffyII Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,440
    I have no idea since I haven't tried it yet =?  There are other people on this forum who have played it though.  I am pretty certain endgame is pvp based.


  • GameloadingGameloading Member UncommonPosts: 14,182
    Another video:

    (and yes, thats only one player, controlling 3 characters)

  • shaeshae Member Posts: 2,509

    Originally posted by Praetoriani
    Wow, Cleffy just made me interested in a game I had not paid attention to before. Thanks.

    Allow me to ask, Cleffy -  do you happen to know what is the economy like? Are there randomly generated items? Can every item be traded, rather than bind on pickup and such? What about the endgame?

    Serioiusly, great post there Cleffy and thanks for educating those like me that had otherwise ignored this game. Defanitely planning on doing some more research on this one, if for nothing else other then curiosity's sake.
  • RoinRoin Member RarePosts: 3,401
    Korean Granado Espada (Barracks 1)
    Left: NPC Card - Fighter - Special/Dual Saber Stance
    Middle: NPC Card - Musketeer - Special/Shotgun Stance

    Korean Granado Espada (Barracks 2)
    Left: NPC Card - Warlock - Special/Single Fire and Dual Fire Bracelet Stance
    Middle: Standard Character - Fighter
    Right: NPC Card - Fighter - Special/Two Handed Sword Stance

    Korean Granado Espada (Barracks 3)
    Left: Standard Character - Scout
    Middle: Standard Character - Scout
    Right: NPC Card - Fighter - Special/Dual Dagger Stance (More like Rogue, as she is only Fighter Type that can't wear anything above Hard Leather, and can only learn Dagger and Dual Dagger)

    Basically you start the game by picking a family name.  All characters that you will later gather will have your family name as their last name.   You are free to pick whatever first name you like.  Even for NPC card characters  (more on them later) The shots above show the barracks where all characters reside.  You can have up to 9 characters in your barracks.   You start with only 3 open slots though.

    As you do quest and gain Presitege.  You will gain Family Points.  FP are used for purchasing NPC cards as well as expanding the amount of people that can be in your barracks.   When you first begin the game you are only capable of creating 3 classes, and controlling 1 character. Three Starting Classes are Fighter, Wizard, and Musketeer.

    As you progress in the game.  You will complete MCC2 (which allows you to use 2 characters at once), and MCC3 (which will allow 3 at once).   You will also unlock 2 more classes as you do quest and eventually finish MCC2 and MCC3.   The Scout (the primary healer and buffer class), and the Warlock (master of elemental magic).

    As you finish up certain quest you will also unlock certain new area's and dungeons (The game is zone based), as well as earn NPC cards.   NPC cards allow you to create special characters in your barracks.  (Yes they count towards your max number of characters in barracks).  Some are special character in that they learn stances (more on stances later) that are otherwise unavailable to normal characters.  Like the female to the far right of my 3rd shot.  She is currently the only NPC in game capable of learning the Dual Dagger stance.

    Characters can differ wildy from group to group.  Like for instance here are a few of the stances a Fighter learns.  (I can't even begin to remember their real names) Like there are 2 different Sword One handed swords stances.  That can each be level'ed up, and posses different skills.   One of them is actually the base for learning the Dual sword Stance, while the other is the base for learning the two handed sword stance.   You could also even go as far as learning a pistol/sword stance, or even a dual pistol stance with your fighter.

    Warlocks on other hand have stances dealing with elemental magics.   (They use Bracelets as weapons) Fire, Ice, Lightning.  But they can also learn stronger versions of their elementals simply by learning the Dual bracer stance from the Element you are most interested in.   Example: A level 10 Warlock might use a single Fire braclet and toss a single fire ball per attack round, plus whatever Single Fire Braclet skills they trained.   At 20 you might opt to equip the 2nd Fire Braclet which gives you new skills to learn, increases your damage (as you will now fling a fire ball from one hand then the other).

    Scouts uses to posses only 3 stances and couldn't equip weapons (at least before they did the 2.0 Upgrade)  Now basically Scouts learn  Healing, Buffing, Traps, and Dagger.   There is a catch though.  In order for a Scout to auto-heal your group they have to be left in either the Healing or Buffing Stance.   That is not to say that you can't heal while in Dagger or Trap.  Just that it must be done manually, and can be pretty hectic when you are trying to manage your two other characters + their abilities (Since you can change stances at will as long as you know the stance) Like with my Warlock example.  Just because you put on the 2nd Fire Braclet.  Does not mean you have to use the Two Fire Braclet Stance.  You can continue to use the Single Fire Braclet stance.  It will however be the only one that gains Stance Experience.  As only the active stance gains experience with a character.

    Just about all the weapons in game have stances associated with them.  Weapons include Swords (One handed Axes fall into the Sword stance), Sabers (Saber stance is different from Sword), Two handed, Spears, Shotgun, Rifles, Pistol, Cannons, Daggers, Rods, and Staffs.

    If memory is correct there are:

    2 - One handed Sword Stances
    1 - Dual Sword Stance
    3 - Two Handed Sword Stances
    1 - Dagger Stance
    1 - Dual Dagger Stance
    2 - Spear Stances
    2 - Pistol Stances
    1 - Dual Pistol Stance
    2 - Saber Stances
    1 - Dual Saber Stance
    2 - Rifle Stances
    1 - Shotgun Stance

    Can really count Staff, Rod, or Bracelet as they are specific to either Warlock or Wizard.  Plus there as skills that are only available to NPC's that get some of the above stances but with a different name and animations.

    Single Fire Braclet + Dual Fire Braclet
    Single Ice Braclet + Dual Ice Braclet
    Single Lightning Braclet + Dual Lightning Braclet

    Plus there is a special stance for warlocks that has the best abilities of all 3 elementals within the stance, but requires a lvl 72 character if memory is correct.

    Fighters - Your all purpose tanks.  They come with an AOE Taunt ability, have alot of stances they can learn as they can use just about any weapon within the game with proper training. (And there is no restriction to how many stances you can learn)  Gains ability to wear the heavier armors later on.

    Musketter - Your all purpose Ranger/Archer (though they use guns).  With Musketeer you can pretty much either give them a pistol and shoot for dual pistol later for higher fire rate and increased damage.  Or go with rifle which basically like death from afar.  Rifles damage scales big time as you progress capable of dishing out fair good sustained damage.  Musketeers wear Coats (which are for all purposes just like Leather armor)  One of the more interesting NPC cards is a chick that comes with Shotgun stance which is basically like an AOE Rifle in the game.  With her in my group I didnt necessarily need to bring my Warlock along for large groups.

    Wizards - Are more or less your debuffer/teleporter.  They gain the ability to set portal markers then recall back to them as they see fit.  (As you progress in level you gain more marker slots).  Some of the early abilities their learn from their ESP stance is an AOE sleep if my memory is correct.  They are sort of like a Caster in L2 in that when not using a spell they do magic damage by fling balls of magic using their rod or staff.  Post 60 they get access to a very powerful stance.  Wizards if I remember right also used coats (Never played much with Wizard class prefered Warlocks)

    Scouts - Buffer/Healer.   Scouts using their buffing and healing stances can Auto-Heal group members (so you don't have to babysit them).  They also gain buffs in their buff stance that cover.  Speed increasing, Def buffing, Atk power buffing,  Regen rate buffing.  They also have a Trap Stance.  Which allows them to use construction kits to lay traps. (Found them very useful for farming low lvl mobs where they mobs didn't do much damage so I could afford to not be in my healing stance or buffing stance)  Traps include Disease, Explosion, and Line traps.  They also have an ability that detect traps (comes with Trap Stance).  Scouts wear Leather armor, though I believe if memory is correct they could also wear Hard Leather as well.

    Warlocks - Elemental DD'er/AOE'er.   Warlocks are hands down one of most powerful Classes in the game.  It was not unsual for me to see people who's entire group consisted of nothing but 3 Warlocks or even 2 warlocks and a Scout.  Their most powerful stance was Called "Lord of Elementals" or something to that effect.

    Another thing to point out.  If you look at the screen shots above.  You notice two boxes in the center of the lower part of screen.  The right box would allow you to your currently selected people into the game.  Starting you off in the beginning city.   The left box on other hand.  Let you take the group you logged off with and pick up where you left off in the same exact spot.   Had a group you liked, and had to log off on 3 floor of a dungeon you were clearing?  No problem, just use the left box and you'd resume where you left off.  Logging in using the right box of course cleared the left though.

    Hmmm is there anything else I can think of.  Not off top of my head, but if you have a question i'll try my best to answer it.

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  • JrmislanJrmislan Member Posts: 9

    Originally posted by CleffyII

    No longer will you have to play a chick to see some nice ass.  You can be a guy, then have your other 2 characters that are controlled by AI be 2 hotties latching onto your arms.

    Sign me up!
  • CleffyIICleffyII Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,440

    Like I have been saying for months, Korea is starting to pump out some awesome games due to player demand. 

    If you thought this is cool then you should check out Ragnarok Online 2.  Three different leveling systems.  All of them outrank all the current leveling systems in mmos.  Dynamic Equipment, and Dynamic Quests.  Incredible environments and BGMs.  Twitch-based PVP.  Only downside is alot of people haven't been digging the character designs.  But they have been working on it since last year.


  • GameloadingGameloading Member UncommonPosts: 14,182
    As I said, it will be the korean companies that will push the genre forward, not the western.

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