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Looking forward to this one...

The market needs a better fantasy MMO out there.  With WoW and GW as the only well knowns, this game can have ALOT of impact and potential.  I only hope it fullfills its expectations.  And by the way, whats up with the extended release date?

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  • PraorPraor Member Posts: 519
    I agree, also don't forget to enter the new beta contest :) 

    Waiting on Guild Wars 2

  • shaeshae Member Posts: 2,509

    I certainly agree with you about the need for a much better fantasy mmo in the industry but here is where I truly believe TCoS shines so brightly.

    While it certainly has a wonderful fantasy like feeling, it's truly almost criminal defining it as a pure Fantasy game because it has so many different elements involved. Certainly one could call it sci-fi/fantasy like but again, that really does not do it justice either. So here's the genious of it, it has no title, it's fantasy, it's sci-fi, it's modern and yet it's almost historic in many different ways.

    The most common reference that is tossed about quite a bit is something along the lines of Fable meets SoR meets God of War.

    As for the extended release (beta) dates, I really don't feel it's anything to worry about. 90% of MMO in developement will do this, it's good for marketing and good for getting extra work done on the game itself. As is the current trend in these games, sadly, quite often the MMO is released to early and with to many flaws, so we need to take an almost positive note to the game being pushed back, even it is just a by a slight.

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