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Which has a bigger pop?

BrotheryangBrotheryang Member UncommonPosts: 174

Im realy wanting to get back to a mmo cause i have played wow to much and it boring now. I have thought of coming back to COH/V but im not realy sure cause i want a game with a big enough pop where i can make friends and have a guild. So if anyone can inform me that would be great =D 


  • Deadaye13Deadaye13 Member Posts: 106
    I know that both CoH and CoV are booming right now because of the release of CoV.  It's a fun game to make a guild (or Super Group).  Everyone (and I mean everyone who wants to have fun in the game) has joined a guild.  If you like the community aspect of the game, just remember that this isn't WoW and it doesn't have over 6 mil subscribers to fill the communitiy.

    Hope this helps a bit.


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  • BrotheryangBrotheryang Member UncommonPosts: 174
    Thanks. I think i might do COH since that had a higher level on it

  • aaron123aaron123 Member Posts: 113
    CoV was updated. Both games go to level 50.

  • SoejckdswgSoejckdswg Member Posts: 338

    coh/cov is fun to play but its more like instant fun as the content is really really redundant. the missions are all the same all the way up to lvl 50, just different skins. the pvp zones are good but after a while it gets boring. there is very very little end game content, hereos have the hami raid and villains have the RSF really besides that not much at all, I play it a lot but can only handle so much of it, i'll often quit for about 3 weeks to a couple months at a time cause it gets boring, as far as a game that you can sit down and immerse yourself in and really spend some quality time building up your account i would recommend waiting for another game to come out like conan,warhammer,stargate,star trek can also try eve, i have an account there but with very little contact with any other players cause of how huge the galaxy is, along with a very inactive guild i was unable to get involved, i'm sure if you found a good guild you'd have a good time. but i'm afraid coh/cov is not as immersive and deep as wow is so 6 months from now you'll find yourself back in the same position you are now.




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