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Multiverse Corporation is recruiting

XonogothXonogoth Member Posts: 6

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“The Wealth of a nation depends on its people, management, and government, more than on its natural resources. The problem is where to find good management.”
 Edward Deming

Mission statement

The Multiverse Corporation aims to provide a fun and entertaining experience to all its members through the dissemination of in-game knowledge and real-world leadership skills.
Corporation philosophy

The Multiverse Corporation believes success comes from strong leadership, Quality training and good diplomacy. The Multiverse Corporation seeks to bring real world skills in leadership, project management, quality assurance & risk assessment into the world of eve-online.

There is no argument that good leadership is required for success to occur, but there is argument on what makes good leaders. Here in the Multiverse, we aim to teach you the skills needed to become a good leader while having a good time.

If you are interested in making this game not just recreation, but something productive for you, the Multiverse Corporation could be the Corporation you are looking for.

Corporation goals

To create a multi-disciplinary organization carving out a home in both empire and 0.0 space, where members can experience the many opportunities offered by eve-online.

To providing resources and practical experience in training players who seek to become leaders both in and out of game through access to our array of resources and a place to practice what they have learnt.

To create a pool of players who have a strong respect for all players in the game. (We are all here to have fun, so let us all enjoy playing with each other)

Expectations of the Corporation

The Multiverse Corporation intention is to operate like a normal multi-disciplinary organization, with the added task of training its members in the real life tools and skills for good leadership and management.

The training policy is one of self-discipline, and self-commitment. The corporation daily activities are the classroom for the training, working on a lead by example policy, the corporation believes experience on the ground means the most.

Expectations of the Members

As a Corporation training all its members to one-day lead, the corporation’s expectations in its members are somewhat different.

Everyone has a voice and a say in the Multiverse Corporation and as much as possible of the corporations activities will be open for discussion. It is your responsibility to participate in discussion before a decision is reach, however if an order is given, you are expected to follow the orders as its important to respect authority.

For the Corporation to reach its goals, it needs resources in the form of ISK, materials, equipment and time. All players are expected to assess for themselves and contribute to the corporation in they way they best see fit.

We expect all players to be polite and courtesy to all eve players at all times. Everyone in this game is here to have fun including the pirates as well.

     I would like to say that leaders are made from diffierent circumstances, not simply trained.  A leader is born with the ability, whether it is known or not.  Training can greatly exemplify what is already there.  So chances are, if you have the urge, the quality to lead is there, or maybe it is not, but nothing is lost in the training.  I believe that leadership is a quality that is born in most, just not always realized, and the training of such skills will often bring forth something that was not once noticed. Maybe something that is there and is just awaiting the training and discipline that comes with such a responsibility.  To lead can be hard, to follow easy.  Sometimes following others who are willing to share their insight can awaken such a talent, or simply add to it.  If you are afraid of the responsibility that comes with leadership, good.  If you are not, either you are ready, or foolish.  Either way, isn't it worth it to yourself to find out...

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