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Kal sucks...

Alcaz101Alcaz101 Member Posts: 21
Kal online sucks so much....I used to play it b4 i was hacked at lvl 48 knight and then after a 39 mage....There security system sucks so much, the game doesnt work half the time, and whenever theres a problem they leave it to us to fix it.  Thank you people who put the time into looking into how to fix the games when there were problems.  Kal online GM's go to the garbage buesness, and we'll see how ya do!


  • Alcaz101Alcaz101 Member Posts: 21
    By the way theres no wonder why theres only five posts in the kal section....and it came out like 2 and a half years ago...
  • Shadow_WolfXShadow_WolfX Member Posts: 2
    hey well dont forget they it is pritty hard to fix all these problems and live their normal lives well thats if they do but they have fixed it up a bit but the only problem is, is that  they need other ways of making money int it
  • xXxAnnaxXxxXxAnnaxXx Member Posts: 1
    He posted this long ago, but hey look how much improvement this game has made. I have a lvl 48 archer and a lvl 37 mage.  We still got some hacks going on, and definitly glitches from underground pkers. They even had people float on the air by going on the cliffs, most oftenly by the adult woman souls in the castle. I trained a lot and they now have some new glitch to sit where monsters cant attack you, YOU CAN EVEN ATTACK WHILE SITTING! Either way this game has very beautiful graphics, excpecially the people and clothing are great. Lol its funny, I sit by water when the sun set is comming hehe. They managed to get the people banned from the game if they glitch, hack or scam, now there are hardlly any bad people. If you wanna find me Im Zhiyi on Nareaha world and Im a archer.  I would suggest this game to any one, but kids under 13 need to be aware of gore and looks lol. That's all ^^


  • HardcorebassHardcorebass Member Posts: 101

    Omg, Calcaz, U said KAL was a bad mmorpg... but u were a 48 knight!!! Hmmm, there's something wrong then... I played it till mage lvl 31. And, for God Saint, it's sooooo boring. It goes soo slow to grow a lvl... And if u grow then... ther's nothing new to do or where u can look forward...

    So... BAD game!!  Good for ppl who just begin with mmo's.

  • HardcorebassHardcorebass Member Posts: 101

    Oh my gosh, big mouth, no teeth... If u only look at the number of players, in te game, then u know enough! KAL exists already 3 years, and the highest lvl in te game is only 72??? Cmon, there something wrong then! 

    Even hardcoregamers cant lvl quick... if after 3 years the highest lvl is only 72... And, dude, the quests are boring... and there are 2 less... Then we aren't talking about the bugs yet...

    Dont think ur a progamer, cause u arent...  Neither am I, but euhm, I confess.

  • Glam.IndieGlam.Indie Member Posts: 56
    ehhhhm ...

    I wouldn't say that KalOnline suck ...

    It's not the best game .. thats true I played KalOnline for about 2 years ...

    at the beginning of my play it was funny ... I liked it ..

    but now if u start KalOnline its booooring

    ehhhm the rating of KalOnline is a bit wrong

    I would say 6.8 are ok ,,,

    cauze quests and lvling is booring ...

    only at higher lvl the game is "ok" ...

  • peertjuhpeertjuh Member Posts: 23


    I played kalonline for 1 year and i think kalonline sucks at lvling, quests and things like that. But they have good graphics and i also like the armour and weapons when you get higher. The upgrade system is also nice...  But when you start the game it is so boring!! when you reach lvl 50 it will take you a day of lvling before you get 10% of 1/10  this sucks alot.

    besides it sucks against hackers, and scammers.

    you can only get rich when you are a high lvl or when you invest money in the game (dont do it)

    but i think the grade of the game is ok

  • HardcorebassHardcorebass Member Posts: 101

    Just to keep it short:

    -tiny amount of skills

    -10 times 100% exp is needed to gain one combat lvl

    -NO variation when it goes about the environment => always green hills

    -and last but not least: the music FAILS!



  • crunchyblackcrunchyblack Member Posts: 1,362

    Another game where there is no male/female choices for classes?

    If they dont allow me to choose male or female im not even going to bother with this game, seeing as its another mindless grinder.

  • MircyMircy Member Posts: 34

    Originally posted by Alcaz101
    By the way theres no wonder why theres only five posts in the kal section....and it came out like 2 and a half years ago...

    Becouse KAL comunity usualy hang out in

  • DrAgOnErADrAgOnErA Member Posts: 2

     Guys Low Exp Rate not meaning the game is sux !!  it helps you to make good friends by spending more times in the game .. and realy don`t say about the game is sux cuz u can`t lvl up easy .. i know there are more game who u can lvl in it sooo fast and easy .. but realy u`ll leave this game after max 5-6 months play !! i played more MMo games .. realy kal is best .. BTW i play kal from 4 years ago .. since it starts :D lvl 70 vaga and lvl 61 Hermit .^^



  • lucasguy70lucasguy70 Member Posts: 2

    KAL does not suck! I played for 5 years lvl 71 archer and it was fine on my computer!the music was great and i had a lot of partys so i lvl up a lot easier!BTW Here's a tip: GET MORE PARTIES TO LVL!!!!



  • cagri38cagri38 Member Posts: 17

    KALonline is a great game, the only thing that ruins this game is the making of money(geons) and lvling


    lvl 100 is the highest level in the game.

    and after 2,5 years the highest lvl in the game is lvl 72--

    and even at lvl 20 u get like 1 exp each kill and u need 1000EXP to level up yes i mean 1000 exp not 100 but 1000


    and the quests......

    i dont even wanna start about it.. the quests is just a chinese guy that says u have to bring a milk pouch to his wife in another city and when u finish it u get like 0.02 exp--


    the best way to enjoy this game is playing a private server..




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