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Any Aussie Corps?

Adrain82Adrain82 Member Posts: 3

I'm wanting to know if there are any Australian corps out there... 


  • Drej_X_ArmyDrej_X_Army Member Posts: 151

    I ran across some Aussie's playing eve in other corps, but nothing thats full Aussie. Sorry.

  • Adrain82Adrain82 Member Posts: 3
    thanks... yeah, most the guys i played the game with in the past were Aussie... all great people! just recently while I was concentrating on work at Uni, that particular corp went down due some real world issues...
    Friends i play the game with now are really great people and loads of fun too, its just they're in completly different time zones and its hard to find time to be on when they are too.

    Ah well, i'll keep searching. I might even make my own corp eventually image
  • There are quite a few in Eve. If you are looking to join an Aussie Corp, try joining the in-game ANZAC channel.

  • Adrain82Adrain82 Member Posts: 3
    I'd like to join up with them... and hopfully i can someday... but they've stopped recruiting at the moment i heard, they've had a problem with spies and until they can clean things up they won't be taking on anyone else. image

  • UllysesUllyses Member Posts: 4
    hey there we have an aussie corp there are some yanks in the mix but we are australian owned lol drop by for a chat some time in the TVI Channel LZ out..... fly safe.... if not pod them all..........
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