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Yulgang Online Marrige

Hey guys this is a petition to try to implement Yulgangs marrige sysstem to the US version of the game.

Please sign if you are interested, it's a great system that we may end up not having.

If you want to vote please do.

If you do not want to please dont  Flame this thread, with hate spam.

Thank You



  • dafuzzledafuzzle Member Posts: 160

    i may be wrong but this seems like it came from a certain game, o i dun know, maybe called Ragarok, but i think its a good idea even though i prbly wouldnt take part it cause i think online realitionships are stupid, just be friends ingame, besides, for all you know, that skinny anime girl could be a DUDE!

    EDIT: and unless if you send the petition to netgame, they might have a hard time finding it w/o nowing it exists =p

  • kaltamkaltam Member Posts: 66
    yes after i gather more signatures im going to send it in.

    a few other mmos have this feature, yes rangnarok, Mir3, and ffXI are the ones i can think of off hand.
    True it could be a guy but your never gonna meet the person
    I enjoy participating in the weddings their always fun to watch and cheer on ^-^

    Thanks for veiwing it!

  • dafuzzledafuzzle Member Posts: 160
    like i say every1 has there opinionsimage but yea thos are some games that have it, i wonder how people every came up with the idea of online marraige, kinda scary to think of who actually made itimage
  • kaltamkaltam Member Posts: 66

    yes yes thank you for your thoughts ^-^  if anyone wishes they can spred the link around to other sites


    Hey guys i just want to thank everyone for helping we almost have 50 sigs now and im gonna get this to netgame soon. i suggest we keep it up becuase even if it isn't added right away netgame might add it in later.

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