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Those of Little faith gtfo



  • jsw40jsw40 Member Posts: 214


    You can't move with WASD?

  • MaxziusMaxzius Member UncommonPosts: 248

    Originally posted by jsw40

    You can't move with WASD?

    Unfortunately, no.

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  • BowmarkBowmark Member Posts: 3
    Sturmrabe hit the nail on the head.  I tried this game for about 2 weeks and got a few toons into the 30's to see what kind of character I would like to play.  But everytime I went out to lvl some stealthed lvl 75 would wait till I was just done fighting (down to low health) and wander over and one shot me.  My lvl 35 had 15 people on his killed by list..13 lvl 75's and 2 in the mid 60's.  Pretty much why I quit.  That and no one seemed to want new players in their guild.  I did get in one on the loreplay server but it was small and not many online at the time.  This game was a big bust but did have nice character development in it.  Too bad.
  • agonzo11agonzo11 Member Posts: 52

    Out of all my years of gaming I have never came so close to actually getting physically sick than when I played SB. I would go to bed and my chest would hurt. I couldnt sleep at night for fear that some jackbag would wonder into my city and use exploits to kill my guards and destroy my walls.

    There was so much exploiting going on at the time that they eventually merged my server with another and we had to start over with nothing. Not even the shirt on our backs. The grievers were so thick that a buddy of mine actually found out where one of them lived and was going to go to the guys house and kick his ass...then he found out the asswipe was like 14 years old. What is a man to do?

    Its been years now since I played SB and cant say I miss a moment. However, there are aspects of that game that has not been bettered. Being able to build a city, have guards defend it, have merchants make and sell items on your was a work of art.

    But like everything good in this world there is an equal and opposite force at work to destroy it. guys can keep it. SB2...God almighty kill me now.

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