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In my opinion

RyokashiRyokashi Member Posts: 8
This is a great game. It may be VERY hard to start off, but it is truly an excellent game. It's a shame that it's hard ot get in with the community though.


  • MarooneyesMarooneyes Member Posts: 16

    I might  play it but im already loading like 3 games at a time as it is


    PS:Just asking there lotsa PVP?

  • RyokashiRyokashi Member Posts: 8
    Tons of PVP. If you join the Circle, you can attack or steal from any other people in the Circle at any time, but you can also be attacked and have stuff stolen from you.
  • YukiYokaiYukiYokai Member Posts: 1

    Is this game actually any good now?


    because when i played this in beta test this game was VERY HORRIBAL!!

    the game would'nt even tell you how to play so i stopped....

    but i'll try it again

  • LadyofPeaceLadyofPeace Member Posts: 1

    It is sad that people don't come and give our game a true try.  Its not a hurry up kinda game and does take patients.  The community is trying much to change its rep, guides and affiliated sites are popping up more and more to offer more in game help. is just one of them.  A few guilds on the Myth of the Orient server also offer on guild forums some details and assistance.  I hope more people come and give game a try.  As right now New pets and things are happening.

     Come on...give it a try. 

  • maggotANUBISmaggotANUBIS Member Posts: 76
    as much as i like games tat have a good depth... i also like high paced games, lotsa action and lotsa killing

    I dunno if I'm gonna play this game though....

    I'm waiting for 2moons to come to OB

    i don't think i have the time to play this game either

    Sounds pretty cool though
  • baptmanbaptman Member Posts: 18
    any good link to download this game quickly ?
  • SinakuSinaku Member UncommonPosts: 547

    Originally posted by baptman
    any good link to download this game quickly ?

    Quick Link to Download

    Pros and Cons (for how long i played)

    -Create your own Kungfu(pvp attack)
    -Create your own items
    -Quick Lvling
    -Guild Option
    -Option to join in on PvP
    -Fun and unique PvP
    -Transform into pet
    -Ride a cloud
    -Decent Community
    -Evolving Pets
    -Vendor mode while still being able to lvl/pvp

    -Small World
    -Hard to get in with a good guild
    -Starting pet is the same for everyone
    -Repetetive fighting
    -GMs are little or no Help
    -Not very many pets up to date(mabye they will add more?)

  • aldermanalderman Member Posts: 10

    the game....... CRAP because you never know when there is an enemy like if you barely survived a fight trying to go back to town and there is another enemy in your way but you dont have a clue that there is going to be an enemy and cant go around him you must fight himand die

  • Drag0nBlaz3Drag0nBlaz3 Member Posts: 33

    Well if you check the menus you'll find an option that turns off random battles. I don't remember where it was since it's been a couple years since I last played. Alternately, just set your movement to JUMP and you're good to go. Unless you're in a party that is.

  • sheonnneosheonnneo Member Posts: 9

    well ive played   Conquer Online, Eudemons Online, Zero, so i think this will b 1 of the last games i play by TQ digital becasue the crazy tao game looks GAY!!!!  so im downloading monster and me now to see if its any good. i liked Conquer and Eudemons so im hopeing this 1 will b good

    Logic Before Desire

  • vladlupuvladlupu Member Posts: 1

    Nice game, playing it mostly for fun. Too bad it isn't going anywere: no more updates, no new pets and no events at all. I don't care about bad graphics or whatever, but it needs new pets and stuff.

  • vicarovicaro Member Posts: 7

    maybe a nice game, i have played for a long time, just for fun

  • saix1saix1 Member Posts: 1

    Just for everyone may know m&m is the first game that TQ made which is why they no longer have updates from TQ since they abandoned it but the game is still great and lots of the players are trying to find a way to get the game for themselves for they can do updating and other stuff since  a lot of the people that played this game had played for at least 6 years.  I personally have played 2 years.  But give support to it and give it a chance,  its really a great game.


  • xXVamXxxXVamXx Member Posts: 1

    Hola I hope there's someone that remember me or I remember. Em as what LadyOfPeace say just give it a try. You will enjoy it but you need patient playing this game. I have been playing for almost 4 to 5 years in Land Of Dream server. So if any of the newbie wanna try you can post a reply here and I will try my best to help u out. Btw my Ingame name for Monster and Me in Land Of Dream Server is Vam 3rd Generation Guild Leader Guild ~Adam&eVe~ or you can look for xXStormXx the 6th generation Guild Leader.

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