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professions? favorite!?!?

What was your favorite profession outside of Jedi?

Mine were Swordsman, TKA, Rifleman, Doctor


  • BissrokBissrok Member Posts: 1,002
    Doctor, for the great conversations.

    Commando, for the flamethrower.

  • TeranHawkinsTeranHawkins Member Posts: 279

    Yeah commando was a lot of fun.  FIRE FIRE LMFAO. 

    Doctor also was a GREAT money maker!

  • NasedooNasedoo Member Posts: 486

    Originally posted by TeranHawkins

    What was your favorite profession outside of Jedi?
    Mine were Swordsman, TKA, Rifleman, Doctor

    Smuggler (noting beats a blaster by your side)

    Bounty hunter ( when do i get payed)

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  • Wildcat84Wildcat84 Member Posts: 2,304
    My favorite template ever:

    (of course you needed heal support but if you had it....)

    Master Swordsman/Teras Kasi Master/Master Fencer

  • chlaoschlaos Member Posts: 1,118
    favorite single proff was creature handler....  fav. template ws pike/doc

    "The man who exchanges Liberty for Iconic classes is a fool deserving of neither." - Me and Ben Franklin

  • ZaushZaush Member Posts: 371

  • lassiterlassiter Member Posts: 94
    masterswords/tkm, with a great powerhammer
  • SpathotanSpathotan Member Posts: 3,928
    I had two templates I stuck to, swapped periodically between....

    BH Carbine tree/Master Carbineer


    BH Pistols tree/Master Pistoleer

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  • irukandjiirukandji Member Posts: 253
    Has to be TKM with some other melee mixed in. I loved never having armor...it appealed to my bohemian natureimage

    "Hurray, finally a game where I can fulfill my lifelong dream of taking emotionally dead women and finding the most financially viable means to exploit their bodies with the ultimate goal of making them Hugh Hefner's personal furniture."

  • BrentmeisterBrentmeister Member Posts: 79

    Originally posted by Zaush

    Concur, absolutely. I also enjoyed Mcarb/MBH and MSword/MFencer

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  • BaronJuJuBaronJuJu Member UncommonPosts: 1,832
    Master Smuggler/Master Pistoleer

    "If we don't attack them, they will attack us first. So we'd better retaliate before they have a chance to strike"

  • OuchmuchOuchmuch Member Posts: 340
    Master Squadleader/Master Carbineer was my long time favourite
  • bigfootsbigfoots Member Posts: 198



    Proud Master CH -
    Proud FORMER Master CH...
    my toon was untimely converted into something more Star Warsy

  • HaukenHauken Member UncommonPosts: 649
    Master swordsman/master doc

    Hauken Stormchaser
    I want pre-CU back
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    Yeah?, Well i want it back!!!

  • ObraikObraik Member Posts: 7,261
    Pistoleer/Combat Medic.  Now, Medic.



  • War_DancerWar_Dancer Member Posts: 941

    My favorite was pikegrrl. I loved being able to add TKA onto that after the CU so I didn't have to wear armor ... one of the few parts of the CU I actuelly liked.

  • MrArchyMrArchy Member Posts: 643

    in no particular order........



    Creature Handler

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  • TrubadurenTrubaduren Member Posts: 575
    Well, Teras-kasi was really nice, smuggler ofc, and doctor!

    Starwars Galaxies, An Empier Diveded, That's what it says on my box anyway.

  • shirlntshirlnt Member UncommonPosts: 351

    Creature Handler (BE made a nice combo for making, taming, and training)

    Tailor (I'm a female who likes clothes :P my tailors were usually busy keeping the alts in clothes)

    Entertainer (musician or dancer ... those who afked it missed out on some really fun convos)

  • kaibigan34kaibigan34 Member Posts: 1,508
    Master Ranger and Master Rifleman. Nothing beat that combo for me.


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