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What was your favorite color LS?

What was your favorite color Lightsaber? 

Mine was dark purple until my guild decieded to all go Imp from Rebel.  Then I went with Dark Red.


  • LilTLilT Member Posts: 631
    Pink bebe!! aka Light purple :o

    For the Horde!

  • acmtalkacmtalk Member Posts: 405
    RED BABY RED!!!   MAster Powers, with a red LS,  Imperial FTW!


  • Wildcat84Wildcat84 Member Posts: 2,304
    Bane's Heart or Sunriders.

  • HaukenHauken Member UncommonPosts: 649
    Sunrider or blue

    Hauken Stormchaser
    I want pre-CU back
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  • ObraikObraik Member Posts: 7,261
    Lava crystal? image



  • KazaraKazara Member UncommonPosts: 1,086

    Sunrider's is my favorite crystal color (tealish hue). Purple is a good color too....


  • shirlntshirlnt Member UncommonPosts: 351
    twi with purple highlights on lekku wearing purple clothes while waving a purple saber....naahhhhh, I don't like purple, what would give you that idea?image
  • jrscottjrscott Member Posts: 1,252
    I loved the way yellow would light up a dark cave.

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  • TrubadurenTrubaduren Member Posts: 575

    Starwars Galaxies, An Empier Diveded, That's what it says on my box anyway.

  • viadiviadi Member Posts: 816

    My wife loves my "purple LS" but I’ve always liked blue

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  • GrimReapezGrimReapez Member Posts: 463
    Sunrider's all the way!

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  • BogdawsonBogdawson Member Posts: 202
    lol never had a light saber
  • FreelancerA4FreelancerA4 Member Posts: 145


  • kimosabekimosabe Member Posts: 516
    When the NGE first came out, I got screwed over since I was almost (but not quite) done with the village. *Sigh* Yes I did respec to jedi, and my favorite color LS was either dark green or purple.

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