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Torak's Guide to Making Adena

RazorbackRazorback Member Posts: 5,253

This is a guide by Torak, designed to assist players in making Adena.

Please feel free to contribute your own ideas and methods, however since this is sticky it MUST remain helpful and ON TOPIC!

Any attempts to turn this into pro or anti ANYTHING will be harshly dealt with. You have been warned image


Making money in Lineage II starting out

While on my anti- farmer / bot crusade I started thinking that anyone can cry foul but in my (RL) career field one is expected to not only find deficiencies but solutions as well. So after looking at the problem of the bot/farmer I really have to ask ?why does anyone really need to buy the currency in first place??

One of the most common complaints about Lineage II is its difficult economy. I agree that it is out of whack in SOME respects but it is a player driven economy. I started to look a bit closer. The revelation that struck me was that there is very little need for a great portion of the player driven portion of the economy to begin with. ?WHAT, are you insane?!? You cry out.
Let me explain. I will approach this from the new player prospective.

From levels 1 ? 25 there is the Newbie helper. He trades the value of your gear and then charges the difference in price for newer gear up to top No Grade Gear. This works out very well in the favor of the player. Also in each starter area there are quest to do that provide Soul Shot. The amount provided is enough to get a player to about level 17 or so. That eliminates a large expense up front. The helper also provides free ?buffs? to speed up the lower level grind. There are also ?Weapon Quests? to do at roughly level 10 in most of the starter areas that provide a fairly nice weapon for the level range. I used my ?Silversmith Hammer? until level 22 with my first character but that is another story lol.

Quote from the Lineage II official page

1. Additional Quest Rewards
Characters designated as new characters, if they perform certain quests, will receive additional quest rewards that are not given to the other characters. Fighters receive 13,000 No Grade Soul shots, and Mystics receive 6,000 No Grade Spirit shots. They receive Soul shots and Spirit shots twice: when they begin the game for the first time, and when they perform the weapon quest around level 10. In addition, these new characters will receive more rewards in many quests.

Once at level 20 and after doing your first class transfer quest, a player is eligible to start doing the ?Seven Signs? event. This ongoing event allows you to hunt in dungeons where the mobs drop ?Seals? These seals can be traded in at the end of the week for what?s called ?Ancient Adena?. What can you do with Ancient Adena? Well you can find an NPC at the end of the event week named the Blacksmith of Mammon. He will take your current weapon and trade it for a better weapon with a cost difference not in regular adena, but Ancient Adena! Basically its free weapon upgrades for as long as you can stand to hunt in the Catacombs. (See event descriptions)

I would strongly recommend that anyone read up on the ?Seven Signs? event that is interested in playing or just plain old ?stuck? on the economy of Lineage II.

That?s fine and dandy but that only solves the weapon portion, what about the rest, you say? The biggest recurring expense of ANY character is Soul Shot. Soul Shot can run you millions into the hole. Now I am not going to tell you to hunt without it, especially solo. I feel your pain with the grind. So how can you help alleviate that expense?

It?s a simple answer some of you may not want to hear:

Make a Dwarf.

At level 20 a Dwarf gains the ability to craft D grade Soul Shot. At level 36 they gain C grade Soul Shot and so on. You can cut you Soul Shot cost by roughly 55- 60% by crafting it yourself. Can you use that sort of discount?
At level 30 I got a D grade Pike as a drop. By crystallizing it I got 1170 D grade crystals. Each Crystal yields 154 DSS. That comes out to 180,180 DSS. Now to make those I need to buy Soul Ore from the NPC shop. 3 soul ore (the base unit for 154) cost 876 adena. That works out to 1,024,920 total cost. (Now, of course you can not craft 180k DSS in one day lol it?s going to take a long time to craft that much) Compare that to the cost of buying DSS from a player at 12 adena each, it works out to 2,162,160. On my server the price of DSS is averaging around 13 each which is 2,342,340. That?s a pretty big savings. Roughly 1.3 million adena, I don?t know about you but I could always use that sort of extra adena rather then handing it out to other players.

Needless to say, you won?t ever need to buy DSS from another player again!

The main problem with this is getting the initial drops. Drops really start happening for players when they start hitting their mid 20?s or so and its usually lower D grade items like Puma Armor and things like that. Fine, crystallize them. The point is to get away from paying other players the market cost of SS. You will still need to do it, especially starting out but I am here to tell you that I have never ever bought SS from another player once I did this consistently.
The other reason you may want a Dwarf is this. Drops are fine. Had I taken that D Grade Pike and tried to sell it I would NOT have gotten the value of it. It sells in NPC shops for about 800,000 adena. Now unless a no ? brain ebayer buys it at that price, you are NOT going to be selling it at that price. You will need to sell lower, especially if you expect it to move in a reasonable amount of time. The fact of the matter is the weapon has a very low ?street? value. D grade crystals however have a much better and CONSISTANT value because they are consumable. They are always in demand. Crystallization is a very important skill to have access to.
The math basically replicates itself throughout the game at every grade. The obstacle you are likely to hit at C grade is the availability of drops at first.

Everything else you do at this point simply supplements your income. I found that selling Weapon Enchants is very profitable. You get them by using ?blank? scrolls from the Seven Signs dungeons and, once again, Ancient Adena.
If you follow this, all that really remains is Armor as your main Adena expense and some of the consumables like ?healing potions? and ?Scrolls of Escape? which are more or less negligible. Armor is comparatively inexpensive. A C grade suit of ?Composite Armor? cost on average two million Adena. That is a level 40 suit. It is completely able to get you into the upper level 50?s. I?ve talked with people who said they used it to level 60.

Here are some other tips.
? Do not buy anything from players at D grade. It?s a total and complete waste of money. You will not use D grade long enough to justify buying over enchanted top D grade weapons at 3 to 6 million apiece. Save that money for C grade.
? Buying weapons. Why buy weapons for regular Adena when you can trade up with the Blacksmith of Mammon with Ancient Adena? Leave you regular adena alone, stop wasting it.
? Wasting money on top D grade gear. You see a lot of people running around in D grade ?Brigandine?. The suit (breastplate and pants) run about 550,000 (give or take) plus the cost of the shield. The suit gives a very nice bonus but here is the catch. There is NO bonus until you have the FULL suit which includes a Brig Helmet. Brig helmets are crafted by players and run anywhere from 1 to 2 MILLION adena. So?the suit is a waste for a starter character. You can easily use/buy a full Mithril suit (mid D grade) for half the price and get all the parts from the NPC shop. (Breastplate, pants, shield and helm) and it has a nice ?Hit Point? bonus on it as well.
? Watch your TELEPORT cost!!!! Porting around carelessly can kill your savings pretty damn fast. Pick your level area town and stick to it. Run if you have to, the world of Lineage II is fairly safe to traverse if you stick to the roads.

Really what you are doing is becoming as self sufficient as possible.

Hopefully at this point you have done THE most important thing in Lineage II along the way and that is to make some friends and contacts. I can?t teach you to be social, either you are or you are not. If you plan on being anti-social and soloing Lineage II, I wish you luck, enjoy the free first 30 days because you aren?t getting much farther then that.

All of this takes Time and a bit of Luck. There is no fast and easy way in Lineage II. There are many other games on the market if you want ?fast and easy right now? style of play.

This post, by far, is not the only way to do things in Lineage II. Part of what makes L2 great is that there is no ?one? way of doing things. There is no single best hunting spot, there is no single best town, there is no single best dungeon and there is no single best class. It?s a large living world that you must carve out your own way. What works for me, may not work so well for you. If you want the best gear right now, Lineage II is not your game. Then again, no MMO is. The nice thing about L2 is that you are not forced into any one particular activity to get the best stuff. You can craft it, you can raid for it, you can also buy it. The freedom is there, don?t abuse it and use your head.

In the end, don?t support the farmer. Only you can make that choice. If no one bought currency from them, they would have no reason to farm. It?s in your hands. Many other people have a lot of great ways of making money in L2, learn.

Good Hunting!

Originally Contributed by Torak

"MMOs, for people that like think chatting is like a skill or something, rotflol"
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    for those who were also a bit confused,

    ? = '

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    Originally posted by Gameloading
    for those who were also a bit confused,

    ? = '

    Yeah, I noticed that. Not sure what happened thereimage

    This site is a bit quirky.

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    I cant even cut and paste porperly  image

    "MMOs, for people that like think chatting is like a skill or something, rotflol"
    "Far away across the field, the tolling of the iron bell, calls the faithful to their knees. To hear the softly spoken magic spell" Pink Floyd-Dark Side of the Moon

  • GreatnessGreatness Member UncommonPosts: 2,121
    I got something too add that I did all the time if you are not a dwarf and don't want to level one up:

    First find out what your server is in most need of for basic materials (that is your varnish, iron ore, coal, charcoal, steel, etc.)

    Then go to Gludin and set up a buy shop for a really cheap price to buy.

    Then go to Giran and look around for the shop that you can sell for the most (this doesn't take long BUT sometimes people have buy shops with no words - CHECK THESE STORES OUT AS WELL - because sometimes you may get lucky and get some nice prices from *cough*adena farmers*cough*. Trust me I have gotten really lucky).

    And keep doing the cycle, you can easily just set up a buy shop and left it up for a bit or whenever your afk. You could also if you do not want to move your main, create an alt and put some money on him, go to Gludin and try it out. Then once you get a lot, just sell and then use freight system.


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  • CryomatrixCryomatrix Member EpicPosts: 3,205
    Shame on you Torak,

    adena making guide and you didn't ask me for help. Shame shame on you, I go pk you now on Teon. go go go go PK go go go go go. Thorakk DIES TONIGHT. Thorakk must die muhahaha.

    Here are some of my strategies, also did I ever send you that link of my money making tips that I made? It wasn't a link, it was an excel spreadsheet. Oh my I just checked my email, I never sent that to you. omg.

    I'm going to vomit some tips on how to make cash.

    Money making strategies

    08/18/06 at 12:15pm

    Quote Modify Remove 

    Hey guys,  
    I have a few strategies that I use frequently to make some money. I hope this helps a few people start making money.  
    Strategy #1:
    Buy shop/sell shop:

    Last night i saw someone selling S crytsals for 41.5k, and right next
    to him someone as buying S crystals for 43k. I checked to make sure to
    see how many he was buying. It was 500, i bought 500 S crystals at
    41.5k and i sold em to the guy almost next to him for 1.5k profit. It
    may seem like a small thing, but it's amazing when you don't have money
    and it gave me 750k profit which I will take any day of the week.  

    So at times check the mat sellers and the mat buyers about pricing, you
    may get lucky and find someone screwed up or someone is selling at a
    price and a buyer is selling at a higher price
    Strategy #2

    If I need to sell something, I try to find a person selling it at an
    obscene price and then I put just a bit lower. For example, I bought a
    +2 FP shield for 500k (ridiculously low price), i got it to +3, so my
    total investment cost was 650k roughly. I found a guy selling FP shield
    +0 for 4m. I put the shield at 2.99m. Sold it the next morning. I'd
    never buy an FP shield for more than 1.5m, but If someone didn't know
    prices, like most of the players on this server, they see our stores,
    they're like woah, Fatimah is cheap, but in reality i was overpriced
    but not as much as him.  
    I forgot to say the strategy, put
    your sell store right next to them and make sure you have the same item
    msg ithat they have so if someone does /findprivatestore fp, yours
    lights up too.  
    Strategy #3
    This is the "I have the item how much do you want for it" trick

    Basically, since i check every store multiple times, I pretty much know
    what's on the market, so if someone spams, WTB SoL +10 or more. Which
    happened, and I know someone has a +16 SoL for 80m near GK. I may say,
    I have it how much will you pay for it, i'm hoping the guy hasn't seen
    the store. It sometimes works.  
    Someone yesterday was WTB
    yaksa mace, of course some guy had Yaksa in their msg but he didn't see
    it. I msged him, we agreed on 12m + 3 squash seeds (which one went to
    waste grrrrrrrrr). I bought it at 13m, sold it to him at 12m and 3
    squash seeds.  
    I'm hoping my 1m for 3 squash seeds
    investment pays off and i get more than 1m worth. I could get one EWB
    and i've made money.  
    Strategy #4
    Don't feel afraid to pm the person

    A lot of times i'll see something I want but i'll pm the guy, even
    though it's a shop, they sometimes respond and when you talk to a
    person you can usually lower the price as most rational people aren't
    patient (a la myself). Plus you make good friends this way too.  
    Strategy #5
    The helmet craze

    The prices of helmets have increased substantially, the prices are
    double for B grade basically. So if you find Doom helm recipe/Bw helm
    recipe, i'd think about purchasing it. 60% is preferable. Then get the
    mats and craft away. I spent 2-2.5m crafting a doom helmet (60%) in
    which half the cost was the 1m recipe. I sold it for 6m, making 3.5-4m
    profit right there. BW sells for like 7-9m, don't bother with FP helm
    unlessyou have the materials there.  
    FP helm fluctuates from
    3-5m. I've bought and sold that helm multiple times getting 500k to
    1.5m profit each time. It's a very easy item to sell and get rid of.  
    Strategy #6
    You never know who is a noob/ebayer

    If you have someone and they pm you, always give them a ridiculous
    price just in case they bought the account or are ebayers, when i was
    selling my top D +10 SoL (that i bought for 20m). I was asking for 40m
    or best offer. 40m is a ridiculous price to pay but you gotta always
    try and it usually sets you up to sell at the price. Also, be polite to
    whoever pms you, someone pmed me, i told him 40m he said he couldnt'
    Then he keeps pming me and says 20m + (+3 sol) i
    say nope and everntually we reached an agreement of 31m and (+3 SoL
    which i sold for 4.5m). Always recognize who is desperate and who is
    Strategy #7
    I think everyone should do this

    I truly believe eveyrone should have a sell shop up 24/7 with all slots
    filled if possible. At times, I sell the gear that I'm using off my
    gear at a ridiculous price knowing that I can easily buy it back at a
    cheaper price. I wouldn't do this with tallum plate armor as that can
    get tough to find, but FP armor/helm, brig helm, BW stuff, i'll do it
    every time. Like last night I put up a +4 FP armor for 7m (a bad price,
    but not as bad as other people putting it up for 7m). I guess I should
    hvae done that, but then someone bought it for 7m. I know i've seen FP
    armors +4 for 5m, I've seen FP +0 for 4m which is just 4.5m to get it
    to +4. So I could replace it easily.  
    I said what the heck,
    i put up my maj necklace for 15m, what do i know, someone bought it. I
    go look in town, see one for 12m, buy it and boom 3m profit.  
    I wouldn't suggest doing this with weapons, as weapons aren't as liquid.  

    Strategy #8
    Craft soulshots plz.  
    Don't buy
    soulshots/spirit shots, just craft it from town,yeah you don't save
    much , but do it over 1-78 levels and you'll save a crap load. I know
    i've used easily over 200,000 bss. If crafting bss saves you 6 adena
    per shot, then you're saving/making 1.2m adena. I know some people
    don't care, but over time nad the long run this adds up. I wouldn't be
    surprised if i've used over 500,000 bss.  
    Strategy #9
    buy low/sell high

    This is a good strategy but be prepared to hold on to things for a long
    time, this is a more feasible strategy when you have lots of liquid
    cash, but make sure that you do your market research before hand. Check to see
    price and the trend. I personally make sure the item is very liquid and
    can sell easily as having inventory pisses me off to no end.  
    Strategy #10
    Check stoes without msgs on them

    There are many stores you see in giran in which people forgot to put a
    msg, i check those immediately, because if they made a mistake in
    price, chances are it won't be picked up. So always check blank msg
    stores, you never know what you'll find, i've seen things i've been
    looking for very cheap from stores like that. I mean EAA for 822k is
    very cheap price, but it stayed up for 24 horus it stil lmay be up, but
    that store had no msg.  
    Also, if you see someone make a sell
    shop right in your face, CHECK IT IMMEDIATELY to catch any mistake they
    make. I made 1m adena from this, when someone put stem price for 725.
    So check those stores immediately.  
    Strategy #11
    Staticpulse's strategy

    Set up buyshops, people are always willing to unload stuff for cheap
    cuz they dont' want to waste time in giran. So if you're logging off
    everynight cuz you have all your A grade or don't need anything, it's a
    good idea to set up buy shops in giran for key mats and what not, you
    could get cheap crafting items and help yourself out. Also, to those
    who assume they have their A grade they are all set, i think new items
    are coming out in C5, so you may want to have some cash laying around.
    Also, i assume once the c5 market hits, there will be a lot of
    fluctuation, so be prepared to have some cash to own the market.  

    If i 2-boxed, i'd have one person either in buy mode or selling mode
    24/7, I wouldn't have to sell items so cheap either, but alas,  I don't
    Strategy #12
    Do your research before you need items

    If you know you're going to use tallum set at lvl 61, start looking for
    the items early, you never know what good deals you may find. Perhaps
    if you buy now, you can save yoursef money later also if you do your
    research early, you can recognize good deals when they come up. I found
    tallum boots for 6.5m early on when i was lvl 60 or so and I bought it
    and it saved me.  
    Also, it allows you to be patient, if you
    see an item for a decent price and you're not that level yet and you
    know that's an average price, wait awhile, if the item doesn't sell the
    seller often times decreases that price, if you see an item decreasing
    you may want to email them giving them a lowbie offer so they just get
    rid of it. Also, take full advantage of those people who've been
    spamming in giran for hours, they are desperate and you can often times
    get a really good deal off them.  
    Strategy #13
    Check unfamiliar sellers always

    I've noticed that in Giran there are 80% of the same people there 24/7.
    I know which guys actually give relatively good prices for sell/buy.  

    There was a guy who gave very good prices and very bad prices he was
    dibanzhuan, but i haven't seen him since the PW fiasco, also Frindd
    usually buys for a good price, ventiloquist sells for a good price but
    he buys at a terrible price, him and masochist are brothers i think.
    Elizabetha right before you enter into crafting corner is horribly
    overpriced, decbolin or whatever is okay priced, jinwan buys at a
    decent price. lao4, or lao5 are decent but usually sell the same thing.
    Kiffy is was overpriced he's shouldn't even be used to measure pricing.
    I don't have a complete listing but I do know most of the
    sellers/buyers in giran and if they buy high/low or sell high/low.  

    Getting back to teh point, if 80% of the population if not more stay
    the same and sell the same crap and know the prices down to an adena,
    check the unfamiliar names that you see. You may end up with very good
    deals or terribly bad deals if you dont' know pricing. I've bought FP
    helm for 2m, for 2.5m off people like that. I mean some idiot was
    selling SoM for 55m . . . I make sure to check his store everytime i
    see it now.  I may just contact him and have him as a supplier.  

    Be very wary from buying from my sellshops, in general i'm cheaper than
    most people as I like to get rid of inventory. But there are times,
    like i've shown above, that I overprice, like the +4 FP armor for 7m.
    It wasn't a gross overpricing, but about 1-1.5m overprice. 

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  • RavanRavan Member Posts: 5


    only way for new players now adays.

  • GreatnessGreatness Member UncommonPosts: 2,121

    Originally posted by Ravan
    Ebay. only way for new players now adays.
    Wow, then you must be horrible at this game then. I have never ebayed and I am pretty rich. My current character has top C-grade and some have enchants on them and plus I have almost 2.5 mil extra at lvl 42.


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  • CryomatrixCryomatrix Member EpicPosts: 3,205
    Good job Greatness,

    Most people ebay and you have top C grade and 2.5m extra at your level. I commend you for doing a great job. And yeah i was tempted by ebay very much, but I stuck to not doing it, but I did have help.

    Also, top C grade varies in price depending on what class you choose, if you are a mage, then it's pretty cheap, if you go melee it's kind of expensive.

    But good job greatness and to make you feel better, most people do ebay. I had help, when I hit lvl 40 i was able to amass only 6m in net value by myself, it's the price of soloing i guess. Then in got help in the aid of about 25m from a friend and I was able to afford FP set and +4 duals. That took all my money.

    From there on out I went from 30m net worth to 450m net worth in 3-4 months, then i got lucky and jumped to 1B then i became stupid and dropped down to around 750-800m. yayayayaya.

    Just so you know greatness, if you get lucky you'll be able to afford top B grade, but affording top A grade is a whole new story, it is so expensive it is bloody insane. If you can resist the urge to ebay when you hit A grade then you've done a really good job.


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  • KageShikamarKageShikamar Member Posts: 18
    You guys pretty much said everything...

    Enjoy the game , but don't waste money on useless things. ( Mass Teleporting everytime , Haste Potions , etc... )

    Try to Socialize , make a Clan  , Party , Friends , etc... Because EXP / Drops are better. You will enjoy more , even if you get less Adena , it will be more fun and they can help you on many things. ( Damage Dealing , Tanking , Buffing , Healing , Selling at cheaper prices , giving items they don't need.

    Learn how market works :

    Like Razorback and Cryomatrix said if you know how the market works you can always make profit from the Ebayers , Unaware people , Idiots , Desperate people...

    Buy Low / Sell High , be patient , don't depend on people that are not your friends ( Your own dwarf... ) , learn to buy your items part by part so you can have it easily when you achieve the right level for the Item Grade , not only it will be easier , you will use less money to get them and they will be easier to find.

    You just need time , knowledge and practice.
  • BrenelaelBrenelael Member UncommonPosts: 3,821

    Strategy #1:

    Buy shop/sell shop:


    Last night i saw someone selling S crytsals for 41.5k, and right next to him someone as buying S crystals for 43k. I checked to make sure to see how many he was buying. It was 500, i bought 500 S crystals at 41.5k and i sold em to the guy almost next to him for 1.5k profit. It may seem like a small thing, but it's amazing when you don't have money and it gave me 750k profit which I will take any day of the week.  


    So at times check the mat sellers and the mat buyers about pricing, you may get lucky and find someone screwed up or someone is selling at a price and a buyer is selling at a higher price


    You want to be careful with this one. This is also one of the oldest scams in L2. Example of the scam:

    Someone with 2 accounts will set up 2 shops right next to each other, one buying and the other selling. The one selling has D Crystals for instance for 725a each, a very high price for this item. Then you look at the buy shop next to him and you think, "This guy is an idiot....He's buying D Crystals for 750a!!!!". So you quickly buy the Crystals at 725a thinking your gonna make a tidy little profit off this other guys stupidity. Then when you go to sell the crystals to the other guy you find out that he set up a buy shop on a character WITH NO ADENA!! You just paid an outrageous price for D Crystals you are now stuck got scammed.

    This scam has been around since Open Beta and is still used today as far as I know so buyer beware.


  • tirallumtirallum Member UncommonPosts: 205

    All this is bullshit. The only way to make money in a noticeable way is buying low and selling high. If you have a dwarf you can also buy the materials low and sell the final product.

  • YummydainYummydain Member Posts: 51
    I find it to be most helpful to NOT buy soulshots. This saves you so much money. Sure it will take longer to kill, but you can afford your higher grade items instead of supporting the bots. You don't NEED soulshots to level up. I went from level 1-40 with a minimal amount of SS. The only ones I used were the ones given from the beginning, and some that I earned from winning D grade items from a party and getting a dwarf friend to crystalize them free of charge.


  • isurusisurus Member Posts: 396

    "Make a Dwarf"

    You should never and i mean never be forced to roll an alt just to financially support your main.  Yes many if not most people do this (go count the naked dwarves in Giran) but imo this entire mode of thinking is wrong and points out a huge gaping flaw in the fundamental design of L2. 

    L2's economy is fucked and if you want to know why, check out this link - Everything here is good, but first read the second paragraph. - Linked from the above page, last updated in August but the economy hasn't changed much since C5. 


  • NadrilNadril Member Posts: 1,276

    If you're a bit desperate for some extra cash and have a friend I came up with a way a while ago that works.


     Get a lower level guy (like lvl 30) and then a high level. (like 50+ or w/e). Go into a necropolisis and have the lvl 30 guy seed the mobs. Once he seeds them the level 50 kills it and the 30 harvests.


    It can really speed up the killing there as the level 50 probably doesn't need to use SS and can probably kill them in a few hits. I did this for a little bit back in the day, depending on how your manor economy is it can be a huge help.




    Anyways I was lucky because I had a good guild. When I hit 20 I had a guy let me get an extra SOL on my caster. Ever since then I've made my own money, a lot of it was actually from raiding.


    Raiding can be great or horrible for money depending on the boss. I've gotten up to 1m of items from a boss before and I've gotten nothing while spending a few thousand SS. It all really depends on how lucky you think you are, but after awhile you can really make some cash. I personally made enough to be able to get C grade like this (just raiding a lot) and got a Sword of whispering death and full demon armor on my caster at 40.



    Also events! Events can make you a ton of cash as usually any level can really do them well. Definitly take advantage of these events because a lot of times (for example) I have made a good bit of cash from them.



    Finally don't worry if you can't get top gear or near it when you ding a level. I quit for a while because I was getting discouraged about B grade at 52, turns out it really isn't worth getting.


    Now I'm back on a PK I'm going to make into a BD and I'm sure I'll be working on getting a lot of cash. Just remember no matter what you do don't ebay. I know it sounds tempting but the truth is if you spend $40 on a ton of gold you'll be back in no time wanting more. It might only seem like 40 bucks at the time but you'd be suprised how many people have no knowledge of making money at low levels.


    Either way thats my little bit of advice. As a spellhowler leveling up raiding was probably my favorite to do, and now with the population a bit more top sided more raid bosses are open at lower levels.

  • huntterhuntter Member Posts: 17


    i just want to say that (after u earn some cash) , u can buy and resell items . Thats prob the easy way to get fast money, Need to have some cash  allready and u will need to spend a while at town checkin shops , about prices of the items, for how much peepz pay for specific items, and if u got the luck to c those items for cheap,,is indeed a easy way to get fast money.I made 85% of my money just buyng and reseling items

    L2*Erica BladeDancer 77/Necromancer 54

  • VIISephirotVIISephirot Member Posts: 14

    or you can start again on KAIN server ( the best )  and earn adena as much as you like

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  • thyrenethyrene Member Posts: 50

    thank you for that info. It can help me a lot ^__^

  • starman999starman999 Member Posts: 1,232



    Torak?..... really?


    He must have written this before he was killed by the child of light I guess.



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  • SorrowhoSorrowho Member Posts: 581

    The best way to earn adena's that i was showed is hunting fortresses gaurd's for knight’s epaulettes, but you need about 3 player's at least, that has to have the lvl's from 61 to 67, a healer and 2 DD's with outside buff's.

    Find a non owned fortress and just kill as many gaurds you can in the 1 hour it's open for attack, after that every party member should have more then 5m worth in Knight's Epaulettes, the exp reward is poor tho. 

    If your to lower lvl then i it's pretty much work the market a lot to afford the gear for your current lvl.

    They are a few nice quest's that's worth once your 40 + and hunting spellbook's is also a good idea but they can be hard to sell, and theese thing's are more pay for the ss or sps cost's.

    If your wondering where ceartin spellbook's drop go to, it at least tell's the name off the mob and then find the spellbook's that are costly to hunt, and not to troublesome to hunt

    Okay so the quest's that are pretty much a must to get when your 40, tho it's better to choose a good hunting spot then going where the quest's reward drop's they just bonuses if the spot's fit's you.

    They will be more once you get higher lvl.


    Coins of Magic lvl 40 to 60:

    you need to kill a lvl 52 Mob to start this quest so you probly need someone's help

    nice quest to have, since they quest item's drops in a lot off places



    Wharehouse Keeper's Pastime lvl 40 to 52

    never bothred much with it but get it if you end up hunting in the spot's



    Enchance your Weapon lvl 40 to 75

    no guide for this quest so here goes the quest can be started in 1 of the 3 towns

    Giran Grand Magister Jurek

    Oren Magister Gaider

    Aden Magister Winonin

    you get Soul Crystal's from the NPC's and you can get as many off em as you want just drop the one's you have in inventory and ask for another one from the NPC's.

    The Soul Crystal's exist's in Red, Blue and Green, and are used to enchant C grade weapon's and higher with Special Abilities to know what kind off SA (witch is short for Special Abilities) you need for your weapon go here...

    not all weapon's are listet with what kind off lvl and color you need for the weapon but if you have the weapon you can check it at a blacksmith npc, they also the one's you need to get a SA on your weapon...

    now you startet the quest and got a Red Soul Crystal for instance, then you check the quest ingame they's a whole list off monster's you can hunt to get the Crystal lvled, and you can go to to check the mob's lvl if needed.

    but you can only lvl 1 crystal at a time, so it be good if your hunting with someone who can hold 20 crystal's and then you hold 1 at a time.

    before you can use em, or sell em to other player's you need to lvl em up to lvl 5 for the first lowest C grade weapon's then come's 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 witch are duable on mob's, the higher the crystal need's to go the higher the mob's lvl's need to be.

    maybe this quest isen't worth the hassle but if you do end up in a spot where you can lvl Soul crystal's without slowing your hunting speed down then go for it.

  • HarukoHaruko Member UncommonPosts: 45

    You can just set an item with over price and someone could actually buy it

  • KalayKalay Member Posts: 154

    Chatting a skill!?  Just play the @!#$!%; game!


  • DarkKamaelDarkKamael Member Posts: 7

    Another good try -if you are lucky indeed- is to enchant weapons and armors. You can get tons of millions by selling them. I know.. how the bloody hell can you enchant successfully too much an armor or a weapon? The total price for a random enchantement in a weapon, let's say a Sage's Staff +11... Able to buy it from a shop, try it. Count how much adena you will spend for the scrolls and the staff itself and how much it would be sold.. Randomly pickup items and start enchanting. I know it will be waste of adena -and time- if they all break, but they can be really well-sold.


    Another way to make money is to start another char, like others said, the rich dwarves can be seem really helpful. Assistance Mages/Healers such as Prophets,  Shillien Elder or Elven Elders can be also great, as you can sell exact buffs, such as Arcane Protection or the Mythic Prophecies for what some beg for..


    If you find trouble in getting a nice party to go out and hunt in difficult regions, you can either start a Party Commander, what this means? Party-based Characters, such as Blade Dancers, Swordsingers, Overlords and Warcryers that provide full Party Assistance - except for the healing part. Parties is way better than soloing when needing adena. With parties you can get greater awards, as you may travel to more dangerous areas and your SS/SPS consumption will be way lower than soloing.

    Be patient and you may be diving into adena once! ^^


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  • Shadow0429Shadow0429 Member Posts: 22

    Wow nice guide.

  • EmanueIEmanueI Member Posts: 8

    Good job. Most of the options are well discussed. I have just one thing to add.

    For higher level characters 25+ I would recommend using the manor system as much as possible and if possible do the "sowing" in catas/necros. When sowing for materials in catas and necros you get 3-5 times the amount of the seeds that you use and thus you exchange the seeds you get extra materials and therefore more money. When doing manor in cata/necros you get aa and this you can also sell or exchange for crystal with the same grade as your weapon(and craft soulshots). The expenses that are used to by seed from the manor manager are covered completely up to 9-10 times(depends on the ?xhp increased are the mobs in which you use).

  • NadrilNadril Member Posts: 1,276

    I'm going to add a bit to this thread with some of my preferred methods. These are all more of afk shop, playing the market stuff though.

    1) craft SS. Now, you might think, don't I need to be a dwarf for that? No. Use the craft shops set up in Giran by other dwarves. They are generally cheap (anywhere from 50-250a each craft of SSA) and really don't tack on much expense at all. At level 26 I managed to go from 500k to 4 million in a few days just crafting and selling SSA. You can also give SSS, or SBSPS a shot if you want.

    2) Marketing items. Once I got to around 4 million I started to market items. A nice resource to use is L2WH. Some players may shun it, but really it's a very useful tool to get an idea on what people sell things for.

    Now, don't get me wrong, you still need to use your head. You can't take everything L2WH says is law, and you need to realize what sells and does not sell. Either way I used L2Wh (if you don't want to donate just run the sniffer for 5 minutes while checking out shops in town, you'll get like 8 hours of time for doing that) to look up the average prices on Common A gear. I managed to turn around a Soul separator from 2m to 4m and another from 3m to 4.5m. I also bought a branch of the mother tree (common) for 3m and sold it for 4m.

    Right now my character is level 41. I have a +3 Berserker blade [focus], 1.2m and two Common A- Soul Bow's I have been meaning to try and sell for the longest time. (which will get sold eventually, and then I'll be up to around 4-5m+.

    Also at 40 make sure you do the cubic quest. While I've only gotten two fine whites (EWD's) so far the quest is still very useful because it gives you that rare chance to get a fine white cubic, which can be traded alongside adena for an EWS. Anyways with common items now in the game I've found making money easier than ever.

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