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Pre-Order Open & Item Mall Launch Date

ekwkekwk Member UncommonPosts: 15

Announcing to all Buccaneers!

Just to let you guys know that we have opened our Pre-Order site for players who wish to obtain our physical products (Nicely designed box, cards and all) to those who would like to collect them.

For pre-orders, players can make payments through 1: Telegraphic Transfer; 2: Bank Cheques, 3: Payal & Credit Card. All the pre-orders come with a receipt to be kept for reference when your shipment arrives. During this Pre-Order period there will be no delivery charges, however all orders after the 13th October, Friday, will incur a $1.50 USD delivery charge.

**Please allow for 3-7 working days for your products to arrive to you.

For those who mind waiting for your products to arrive and would like to make instant purchase to get your virtual pins instantly and don't mind forgoing the beautiful packaging and manuals and stuff, sit tight! Our Item Mall will be launching this coming Friday the 13th at 1300hrs (GMT + 8).

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