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imasigimasig Member Posts: 149
In case anyone didn't notice the small patch yesterday could very well be the biggest one in terms of gameplay yet.  Insurance contracts now run for 12 weeks instead of 3 and there is a default payout of 40% for uninsured ships.  This is huge as it drastically cuts down on your losses when you die.  As of right now it can be an absolute catastrophe in the game if you die.  I think that turned a lot of people away from PVP in the game (and lets face it, EVE PVP is the best) but now I see an explosion on the PVP side of the game.


  • squeeesqueee Member Posts: 722

    A defauly payout of 40% for ships that have no insurance at all? Whoa! Where does the money come from?

    "Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning."
    Rich Cook.

  • DalmontDalmont Member UncommonPosts: 272
    I think it grows on trees :P Either that or the cut of your refining the various places take.


  • KeltinKeltin Member Posts: 13

    So where does that leave ship building prices?  Are they continuing to drop rapidly or have they leveled off?

    I found that a new corp had a lot of trouble trying to contend with a corp with a solid base, because those players had huge skills invested and lots of refines done on blueprints.

    Any new content as far as player ships are concerned yet?

  • imasigimasig Member Posts: 149

    New corps competing with established corps has always been a problem.  But that is the way economies work in both RL and EVE.  If you start buying and selling things in bulk and you get a bit more breathing room with your prices.  Also feeding into this is because some players (me included) have seperate accounts where they train only industrial skills.  You can really decrease your expenses when you start maxing out refine and researching blueprints to high mineral levels.  If you're wanting to get into the selling business I would recommend starting with smaller items such as ammo.  BPs are cheap, doesn't take anything but basic minerals, demand is always pretty high, and if you place them in the right places you can double your prices.

    As far as new ships tech 2 came out with the castor patch and agents started handing out BPs for new ships.  But you also have a lot of new skills to train before you can build them.  I haven't logged on in about a week but I did see a new frigate being sold in the trade channel so they should take popping up here before too long.

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