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Knight Online: Launch of 3rd Server Set

KoltraneKoltrane Member UncommonPosts: 1,049
Terra ICT has announced a new server for Knight Online, scheduled to go live on March 10.

Server set : Cypher
Launch date: 10th March 2004


1. Cypher is the same as Adonis1 and Adonis2. All the settings in Cypher is the same as Adonis1 and Adonis2. No special maps or monsters.

2. Characters created in Adonis1 and Adonis2 will not appear in Cypher. Hence, players who wishes to play in Cypher will have to create new characters.

3. Items are not transferable from Adonis sets to Cypher.

The announcement is available here.  You may visit the official Knight Online site by clicking on this link.


Old timer.

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