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Looks like it has WASD controls, if not I don't think ima play this.. e.e;



  • kaltamkaltam Member Posts: 66
    nope its point and click  T-T sad thjo i really wish it was WASD

    for some reason its just funner that way

  • flamerUAEflamerUAE Member Posts: 5
    ppl this game is a super game ,it is the best game in china,it had 35 million users ,it even crushed world of worcraft,i played th JP version it have everything the PVP of it is great,it have a parties,and have party quests and party guiid missions,even a pet,and also when u reach lvl 35 u will choose two different ways,evil and good (be an evil guy or a good guy)which means wars between good and evil,there is also more than these thing i said it on this website: ,it have some videos of the game also

  • kaltamkaltam Member Posts: 66
    Yea even tho it's click its still awesome, i too played the japanese version for a sneak peak. So it's free u might as well give it a test run.

  • Xerion12Xerion12 Member Posts: 371
    *Walks away* ._.

    I'll stick with rappelz.. D:


  • slayeerslayeer Member Posts: 17
    rappelz is really laggy ATM. but im playing it till Yulgang. cool game, much skills.
  • kaltamkaltam Member Posts: 66
    yea im playing rappelz until yg is out

  • dafuzzledafuzzle Member Posts: 160
    probably no chance that there will be WASD, because thats how most korean games and many other's are, but i prefer point and click cause it makes it easier IMO.
  • kaltamkaltam Member Posts: 66
    yea its easier tho in my mind when i point and click i feel like im controlling a player rather than feeling like i am that player. but either way its gonna be a great experience when it comes.

  • VEG5000VEG5000 Member Posts: 45

    There are acually several Korean MMO's that use WASD also Q and E for strafe which is cool but I also like the Point and click methood. people who have played L2 it also has WASD but no need to use it really point and click was easier to me in MMO's..WASD works good in FPS's but in MMO's you need more freedom and Point and click gives alot of that for you. image well nice chatting .

  • pingopingo Member UncommonPosts: 608
    no WASD...


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