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If you loved the NGE and caught SOE in bed with your wife..

NGE fanbois: "What the hell is going on here??!?"

SOE:(to Mrs Fanbois while naked and covering himself up) "....and that madam is how we are attempting to bring the Starwars experience to our.....Oh good evening Mr Fanbois I was just explaining to your good lady here about the changes we're implementing shortly"

NGE Fanbois:"what the hell are you doing in my bed with my wife??"

SOE:" Well sir we're not actually "in bed", but simulating the  exciting new basic campkits that we're developing at the moment, as I was just demonstrating to your good lady wife, we have a whole new tree of expertise that we are going to call "scout". Unlike the pre-cu system where people made campkits and just sat around doing nothing, these new campkits can be used for interactive gameplay and provide a stimulating and iconic starwars experience within the New Game Experience"

NGE Fanbois:"What does that mean exactly?"

SOE:"Absolutely no idea, it was the first thing that came into my head"

NGE Fanbois:"..err,ok,..err..can I offer you a cup of tea, coffee?"

SOE:"No thank you your wife has been more than accommodating already, actually would you mind giving me $15, I'm a bit short of funds at the moment?"

NGE Fanbois: "Sure, I'll get my wallet, now where is it?"

SOE:"It's in my pocket sir, I thought I'd take the liberty of anticipating your generosity, along with the extra $200 I found in there too"

NGE Fanbois:"Great! Well do come around again soon and tell me all about these developments that you're working on. Me and the wife will always make you more than welcome"

SOE:"I bet she will"

NGE Fanbois:"Excuse me, what was that?"

SOE:"oh nothing, actually would you mind giving me a lift I just realized I don't have my car with me?"

NGE Fanbois:"I was just about to log onto Bria for a couple of hours I'll get the wife to take you instead if you dodn't mind?"



  • bigfootsbigfoots Member Posts: 198

    SOE forgot to ask the fella to pickup the soap before he left!!


    A wee bit harsh on the fanbois perhaps, although I'm sure they'll take it with a pinch of salt.

    Proud Master CH -
    Proud FORMER Master CH...
    my toon was untimely converted into something more Star Warsy

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