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Gilded Rose

Gilded Rose is a semi-roleplaying guild (in that roleplaying is not required all of the time but will generally be used) alligned with house Silver. We will have in-house goals and objectives for members and will be working towards becoming a part of Spellborn's history.

We are already recruiting through the forum and hope to have a website up and running in the near future. We are mature players that are interested in exploring the full potential of Spellborn and are dedicated to building a strong and interesting guild; we would like to hear from similar players that wish to join us on our journey.

We will not be having any restrictions upon class or level. We ask only that you belong to house Silver and that you have a good grasp of the English language.

Our Aims
    To have fun To be among the best and most loved guilds in the Enclave To provide the best place for development, exploration and add to the overall enjoyment of the game by providing in-house tasks and rewards To grow our members and the guild to become the best of the best, with a 'patented' system of rewarding people for their time and effort in achieving these goals To host a large out of game community with our upcoming website, forums and online radio station
Guild Organisation
The guild has three leaders; Sulis, Silvara and Hardiel. We each have our own areas of expertese and we will be working closely together to create a well balanced guild that covers various aspects of play including PvE and PvP.

We have developed what we believe to be a unique in-house ranking system based upon tasks given to our members. The higher the rank you are the more benefits you will receive from and within the guild. However rank level will not be a stipulation for receiving help from the guild, its just a way of helping the guild grow and will also add an extra dimension of play.

Why join us?
Why not? We offer a dedicated and committed team of mature, professional guild leaders with the aim to help you and to give you the best Spellborn experience you can have. We will help you from the start and develop you to where you want to be; plus we are aiming to make a name for ourselves so that every one os us can become part of Spellborn's history .... just think what it would be like in a few months time when you can look back and say "I helped do that ... I was there man!"

Essentially we are a guild who wants go places and we want to take you along with us! Drop us a line if you're interested.
"So say we all"




  • erikeneriken Member Posts: 96
    They have one really cute Guild Master as well...

  • chillsy17chillsy17 Member Posts: 3
    Your guild and ideas are very well thought out and very interesting!  Count me in!  I have been to the website will shortly join.  I look forward to learning and seeing more.  Thanks Gilded Roseimage
  • DalmontDalmont Member Posts: 272

    Thank you for reading the website, the Radio Station is going to be up very soon too..

    www.rose-radio.net :)


  • DalmontDalmont Member Posts: 272
    The radio has become very successful, come listen in!


  • RrratRrrat Member Posts: 1
    You got a nice guild there. Very detailed and interesting background.
  • DalmontDalmont Member Posts: 272

    Thank you very much!

    The both the radio website and guild website are going to be getting an overhaul soon by the webdesigner that currently does the Rose Radio webiste. So well be adding more content in there when that happens.

    We are also looking for some international DJ's for the radio station, so if your interested please sign up to the forum on the guild website for the moment.

    Duke Hardiel


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