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interfekterinterfekter Member Posts: 42
Decimus Corp [DEC_X]  are recruiting

generally we want players with some experience, although newer players will be concidered.

what we do-

generally we are a pvp corp, but we also go ratting in 0.0 to  pay the bills etc.
we dont really do any mining, although thats a possibility if we really have to.
currently we would really like a capital ship pilot, although we are training one as we speak.

we are a very close knit corp, everyone is ready to help out anytime, and new comers are welcomed straight away and given all the help they need to settle in. we also have a TS channel for PVP and general chittychat.

so, looking for pvp/pve and merc work? give us a shout :)
contact Ozkar(US timezones), Jessica Lorelei(European Timezone) or Nozaj(Europe)

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