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Ok Last of my Videos- These Are SWG Music Vids

This one I made after CU and all my PreCU Uberness paid off and could compete VS Jedi. Dont get me wrong I dont endorse it.

But was nice to hunt Jedi without all my shots getting blocked and very little melee dam migration made PreCU Jedi hunting suicidal unless I hunted ......Padiwans....

I put alot more time in Erow than most put in Jedi, Not to hunt noobs.

I supported a CU that supported Current Gamestyle even wasted months "helping" gather data on Pistoleer Class.

The CU came off as a joke to me when I noticed crafting got hardcaps, Showed me ASAP this was halfassed from the get-go didnt even map out crafting tables.

So Video 1 is my warning to all the Jedi that I was coming

Then Came the NGE could tell right away this was another rushed POS. As soon as I noticed it was void of almost every number from skills to resources ......with all the NGE Suck to boot, I gave up logged out and spammed SOE boards till banned and account expired.

So I asked "WHAT IF" 

What If

WARNING TO NGE'ers- "This video contains material that may offend you but no harm was done to any Ewoks in the making of this video"


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