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NGE/CU Biggest and Most Embarressing blunders

My Favorite one is when Julio went on G4 the boards were heavy with NGE Hate and then he lays on the star warzy talk we all hated.

The guy interviewing was either

a) Paidoff


Cuz thousands of Vets emailed/Phoned to propose Q&A somehow wepps and coldreboot were only ones able to get through with BS ?s like , Can I play as a ewok now and Is NGE really more star warzy cuz I quit PREcu for lack of iconicness.

Then He unveiled TOOW all prebooted and SOEs setup and OBI wouldnt spawn so he was just chillin there all lagged out.

Now had I been the interviewer (LINCHING)

He was sooooooo set up for the kill it had been talked about how everyone was pissed. Julios laid out his Iconic vision all the vets smellin blood should of just opened the lines and watch him run screaming.

But nope with all the material begging to be put to good use, they just kinda moved away from the TOOW preview and played NGE about it.

Still was funny thou.....

It may still be on g4 attack of the show if any one has link please post



  • RekrulRekrul Member Posts: 2,961
    The interviewer was asked to lynch the guy, he even mentioned it.

    But seeing Obi not spawn was rewarding enough.

  • snoops99snoops99 Member Posts: 12
    here is a link to the interview

    i love kevin perrera.. he is an awesome guy.. so don't hate on him too much. he at least did bring up the fact that a lot of people were pissed off and wanted him to shiv julio.. hehe
  • kissodeathkissodeath Member Posts: 102


    Yeah that was it Shiv, But He really missed his chance to score one for the team.

    Seemed like to me he really was biting his lip though, I suppose politics plays here cant get guest if you rip on them.

    And SOE and Lucus Arts wouldnt be good people to piss off, But then comes "whats the point" your job is to report not pad or play down but ....................Oh well .

    No amount of padding could soften the NGE thud


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