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ManweZManweZ Member Posts: 65
Giga 2 is here. Should I be excited?


  • ManweZManweZ Member Posts: 65
    I heard that there were going to be new quests and more story content. Woohoo?
  • ManweZManweZ Member Posts: 65
    Is someone going to answer my question please?! I want to know if I should buy the game now or not!
  • KILLERMEKILLERME Member Posts: 6

    Originally posted by ManweZ
    Giga 2 is here. Should I be excited?

    Hi Manwez,

    To answer your question, no you should not be excited. New areas in the game recommened you to be lvl 45 and higher to go there cause you will only end up dying with 1 shot. Although you can lvl and PT at a faster rate then before, the downside to this is that monsters now hit harder have been moved around to more difficult place to get to which in turn causes you to die and loose the xp gained already. You cant make enough money in the game to keep you going. Servers keep crashing. 1 empire is god mode and are always winning events and get all the benifits. Population must be at an all time low for the to be merging all 5 servers into 1. indications point to the fact that the game is on its way out.

    Hope this helps.

  • ManweZManweZ Member Posts: 65
    That was helpful. Thank you. I appreciate that.
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