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SWG forum mods are not cool !

"not cool" to stay polite. Here the thread i posted.


Just a simple question. SOE won't return my e-mails. I'm just wondering, with thousands of people with full wallets asking for pre-cu servers, why won't soe do it ? As far as i know, they never answered that question.

Doesn't it make sense from a $$$ point of view to open classic servers and make a profit on them ??

I would greatly appreciat if anyone from soe would answer please. They took the game away a long time ago but never said why.

Even now when i look at all the new games being released or the current swg, nothing comes close to pre-cu swg. It had to be the best mmorpg ever.

Thanks "

Then the mod001 dude locks my thread, so i used the report abuse button on him and said that he locked my thread for no reason. I think its a valid question that was never answered. Then he sends me a warning pm.

Those guys are too funny.

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