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World War II Online: World War II Online Trial Offer



  • ToTXfireToTXfire Member Posts: 2

      WWIIOL/BE is without question a game above and beyond all others. Where it lacks in eye candy etc it over achieves in immersion. You find a WWIIOL game where the action actually means a little something and is never ever the same no matter how many times you fight in any particular city. You can fly in a variety of planes, drive a host of different vehicles, man many kinds of direct fire artillery such as AA guns or AT guns, patrol the rivers or English channel in the navy, or hit the mud as infantry and get your ownage "fix".

     If you think you're gonna master this game in a few hours forget it. It takes time to get good you're going up against 5 year veterans in some cases. If you really don't know what an R35 or Bf110c actually is then you're probably gonna need some time to learn. Give it a whirl. I guarantee that if you're yearning for a chance where you actually get a chance to see if you've got what it takes to be a player in the toughest MMOG in the world, this is it.


  • Obear1971Obear1971 Member Posts: 1

    BattleGround Europe is a Love / Hate game And that all depends as to wether its the kind of game for you. If it was really as bad as some people make out, if it really was that terrible and poinless would it stil be going on strong 5 years later? Nope For me its just about the BEST MMOG there is out there.

    I got Sooo sick and tired of the same old log in create character spend hours upon poinless hours leverling up just be able to battle the lowest level players. WWIIonline is a hard core, no noncess PVP online War simulation on a massive scale. You log in you jump in game and you can shoot and kill a 5 star general with your first shot. Simply because bullets kill. Is the best equipment reserved for the ubber players? NO, it really wont take you that long to gain rank for the higher vehicles that get RDP'ed, the reson you will die to a so called ubber player is the simple fact you can't kil a Tiger tank with a rifle, or MG fire.

    Ther eis nothign stopping you shooting donw a tier 3 190 with a tire 1 spitfire. yes the 190 will be faster and have greater fire power, but 1 bullet in the cockpit and thought the pilots head will kill the 190. Dose it take 20 mins to get to battle? Well you can start marching formt he rear town and itl take you about that time becasue th emap is so huge.

    But There are forward bases and from them you can drive trucks and set up mobile spawn points RIGHT INSIDE an enemy town (though you prob will get found eventually) So no, you can set up yourslef a mobile spaw point then go grab a rifle mand and spawn right in the action. Battleground Europ is a KICK ass game, the main problem is it has a steap learning curve and takes time to learn where to spawn and read the map, where to go for the battle and how to use the equipment effectivly.

    Most people who rate the game low often spawn in dont get into a battle in the first few seconds and log out. Try it, it will cost you nothing, make sure to give it some time to ask and learn the game mechanics. Its not rocket science, just take a little while lerning all the ins and outs. cutting edge graphics? no crap graphics??....No

    thast a full 3D forest down there

  • trout66trout66 Member Posts: 2
    This game is too big to describe as a whole expereince, so I'll just tell one small story that illustrates how addictive it has become for me.

    As the "war" progresses over several months of realtime, the Germans everntually get the TIger tank. Its effect on the game is predictable: weaker players gravitate to the axis side and people who dont like getting the snot kicked out of them leave the allies. For the people who stick around playing British and French, its a matter of real pride to keep your head held up.

    Everyone remembers the first time they killed a Tiger. For me it was on the outskirts of a big Belgian city called Gent. This one tiger was nestled in a tree line and had been killing any brit tank that got near for over an hour. He had our infantry pinned down and there was a group of maybe 10 german troopers who were picking people off and calling out targets to him. Behind him was a Bofors anti-aircraft gun that was protecting him from RAF fighter-bombers.

     I logged on to play, grabbed a Churhill tank in the city and innocently asked, "any panzers around town?". I was met with a barrage of  "F&$#*$& TIGER TANK wont die, its killing us!", followed by a stream of suggestions about what I should do to kill it. Most of these guys had already died to the Tiger at least once so I was not really listening.

    I parked under a tree, went to get a beer, and then looked closely at my map. WHen I looked up there was a brit rifleman sitting on my tank, and he said, "Trout, I've been watching this guy and his buddies for over an hour and I know how we can get him, let me scout for you."

    Hmmm...ok I thought. This guy is smart enough to be waiting HERE for sombody like me to show up rather than hiding out there being pinned down, so I took him up on the offer. He told me to drive north and take a forest road well to the west of the Panzer. Its not normally a good idea to drive a tank down a forest road, and when the German air force is around, driving down any road can be hazardous. But I did what he said.

    As we emerged from the forest, about 4 kilometers from where the tiger was supposed to be, there on my right, about 200 meters away was a TIger hiding under a tree with a small group of infantry clustered around him. I resisted the urge to slam on the brakes because this tiger was not broadside to me, I was off his front quarter and I knew my shot would just bounce off him at that angle. THe trooper riding on me jumped off (you dont want to be riding on a tank under those circumstances) and I started to turn my slow turret in his direction. The Churchill is not a fast tank, but I was betting I could make it far enough down the road for a flank shot before he nailed me.

    This was a race: the speed of my slow tank vs the speed he could turn his slow turret. FOr some reason the German troopers decided to stand there and watch rather than seek cover - my turrent was not pointed at them yet and they knew they had a margin of saftey. My buddy picked 2 of them off before they scatterd.

    After what seemed like minutes, I had gained enough ground to have a nice broadside shot, and my turret was aimed at his hull. Just before pulling the trigger I rememberd that since I was moving forward , my shot would also be moving forward as it left my gun and would thus hit behind his tank. I cranked the turret again to aim just ahead of him and then pulled the trigger. In somewhat of a lucky shot, I hit exactly where somthing very explosive (fuel? ammo?) was stored and his turret blew off in a huge explosion.

    I wont bother you with the rest of the story. This was NOT the tank that was pinning down my unit, but with the help of my trooper buddy I got him too about 20 minutes later.  Our infantry advanced then on the german position we had been after, and with some help from the RAF (who FINALLY decided to show up where they were actually needed) blew it to smitherines.

    Did anyone thank me for the pivotal role I played in the battle? No - they were distracted by other things, and who knows what THEY had done to aid me, and what I had not thanked THEM for.   But for me and the trooper, this was a VERY satisfying thing to accomplish. For the whole next day at work I kept replaying that "movie" in my mind; thinking about what had gone right, gone wrong, and if I'd ever get that thrill again.

    I have, many times, which Is why I'm a subscriber.


  • armyaoarmyao Member Posts: 4

    note for new players.. you WILL die.. a LOT.. to unknown/unseen enemies... over and over again.. you will be frustrated as all get out...

    then, you'll get your first kill.. you'll be ecstatic.. you'll pump your fist and shout out your accomplishment.. and then you'll die again.. LOL

    this game isn't for the people looking for rambo action and racking up easy kills on n00bs.. i'm a decent player with years of experience and i still manage a 1.05 kill/death ratio.. that's mainly because i play mostly infantry and yes, you will get your butt kicked by some bombs and tanks.. do you really expect differently?

    I've played almost every game out there.. until i started on this one.  I played the game in beta when it first came out.. it SUCKED.  No doubt.  but it was wayyyy ahead of it's time then and way too hardcore for the casual gamer.  I wasn't about to pay to play it like it was.  So, i didn't pay and i played everything else that came out over the next 3-4 years.. then i got sucked in by a welcome back soldier free trial.. and that's all she wrote.

    I got grabbed by a veteran player (i guess my green tag name gave me away as a n00b) and he took me on a few missions and got me my first kills.. as the days/weeks/months passed by i became a better player and started learning what all is actually going on in this massive headache of a game... the rules and game mechanics are too much to take in at once.. it's like bringing on a new player to a D&D party that's been playing together for a long time.. you have no clue wtf is going on... eventually you will learn.. and you won't look back.

    Sure, there are problems with this game.. there are with EVERY game.  The Pros outweigh the weaknesses by far.. why else is this game still alive after 5 years?  If it truly sucked, do you think people would still be paying to play it?

    There's no way i can tell you all the reasons you should play this game.  You have to try it out.  A simple credit card requirement shouldn't be the reason you don't play this game.  CRS (the rats) have no desire to shaft you out of your money.. just sign up and you'll either be ready to unsub or you'll be to hooked to worry about it after 30 days is up.. just think.. no kiddies ruining all your fun either..

    this community is the best ever.  you will find people VERY willing to help a new guy/gal out (yes, there's some women that play this too).  If you get in game and need some help, there's even a help radio channel where volunteers from the community will try their best to answer your questions.

    Hope to see you in game!

  • kamelkamel Member Posts: 15

    If you suffer from ADHD.

    If you suffer from terminal impatience.

    If you can't go two minutes without killing something.

    If you are unwilling to learn, unwilling to acquire some basic REAL WORLD knowledge about WWII era equipment...

    If you only play games that are mind-blowingly incredible in graphics [no matter how poor the gameplay]...

    You'll hate WWIIOL/Battleground Europe.  Simple as that.

    Playing takes patience, smarts, and skill.

    That's why I'm still playing after 5 years.

    Oh, and the social aspect.  Playing in a squad is every bit as social as some of the guilds/clans/etc on other MMORG games.

  • SresSres Member Posts: 156

    This game is what you make of it, if you put nothing in, you'll get nothing back.  You cannot compare it to Battlefield 2, 1942, 2142 nor COD, DOD:Source.

    If you want a throw away gaming session when you've got 15 mins to burn grab one of those.  If you've got 2 or 3 hours to burn where your every could potentially mean something in the bigger picture then try the trial.

    This video by svedala for me shows the game in the best possible light, combined arms?  You got it

    Try it today, 30 days trial?  You got it made in my book.

    Life can be tapped

  • RobotixRobotix Member Posts: 37

    Best MMOFPS... sorry MMOSIMULATION out there.... cause thats what it is... a simulation and not some arcadish bullshit shoot em up.... dont compare it with regular shooters which you can only play on small maps with limited numbers. Try it out ... get into an organized squad... train up... and fight along the frontline for your side.

  • ww2malizeww2malize Member Posts: 1

    Here are some additional videos (that are from almost 2 years ago...the game is an entirely different visual look now, but these still give you an idea of the scope of the game.)

  • Gero84Gero84 Member Posts: 1

    NOT is free trial!

    Download the game and play BATTLEGROUND EUROPE for 30 days during this all-access free trial- sponsored by

    · Free trial available to new players only
    · Credit card information required during sign-up (some international cards accepted)
    · Paid subscription activated after 30 days.

    At the conclusion of your 30-day free trial, your credit card will be billed $14.99 as part of a monthly recurring subscription. imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage





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