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a good MMORPG that contains an interesting story / quests ?! does it exists ?

Hi guys
I'm new and I've tried many MMORPG and betas of MMORPG.

First I have about 15hrs a week to be spent on an online game ...

MMOs bore me quickly after 3-4 weeks because it ends up feeling like I'm doing a second job and not being paid for...

I don't get the satisfaction from grinding for goddamn only one reason ; more skills and powers / better items.

What I'm looking for is a GOOD story and quests that have a certian background and that are immersive.
Not those stupid generic quests like get 10 of those mushroom or kill # of beasts and mix their brain with chocolate.

Are there any MMO that fits into that ?

I dont want super dated graphics game for sure...

I hope it exists what I'm asking X_X



  • ShoalShoal Member Posts: 1,156

    Sorry, no.

    There are some novel experiments currently going on.

    Best be might be something like ' ATale in the Desert III'

    Luck to You

  • WolfenprideWolfenpride Member Posts: 3,988

    sadly it does not exist, and by the looks of future mmo's it will not be coming soon. that is somthing i wish mmos would add though.

    hopfully NWN2 will give me purpose to play a game again =/

  • MajorBiggsMajorBiggs Member UncommonPosts: 709
    I'd say Asherons Call had the coolest quests...but it has dated graphics
  • SamuraiswordSamuraisword Member Posts: 2,111
    EVE Online


  • CennCenn Member Posts: 239

    oh ffs samuraisword...

    Dont be silly.

    the "storyline and quests" part of eve is the worst part about the game...

  • neuronomadneuronomad Member Posts: 1,276
    It wouldn't be a "why should I play" thread without Samuraisword's Eve posting. ;)

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  • RaynixRaynix Member Posts: 2
    I tried EVe and even played the game for 2months ; the most boring game ever ... MMORPG.

    The economy system was awesome, the missions were ... hahaha extremely generic.

    Anyway, it's kinda sad to hear that no MMOs are actually based on good stories.

    Even FFXI is like that ?
    What about EverQuest II ?

    Any good upcoming MMOs then ?

  • XanrnXanrn Member Posts: 154
    City of Heroes/Villians has interesting Quest Story Lines.

    Everquest 2 has a fair few decent Quests, admitelly quite alot of the Kill/Deliver missions.

    Trouble is the Games are made by Game Designers, not by Writers.

    Then there is the old Catch 22, put in very few quests but all good, people complain.

    Put in alot of quests with alot of generic quests, people complain.

    Its takes alot of time, to make the real big sprawling quests and even the story well written ones take longer than Farmer Bill says "Go Gank me some Scarecrows and I'll give you this shiny penny".  

    So they bulk out the quests with kill/delivery tasks.

  • XpheyelXpheyel Member Posts: 704

    I'm with you Raynix. Reasonable large quests (opposed to missions and jobs) are a lot of fun for me, even if a horde of other people are doing it as well. Now a days, instancing critical portions might help too... It'd be neat to party up and go through a really significant quest.


  • ZindaihasZindaihas Member UncommonPosts: 3,643

    Yes it does exist.  Unfortunately, it currently only exists on paper and may never see the light of day.

    EQ was my first (and still favorite) MMORPG I ever played.  I was so captivated by the new technology of MMOs that my imagination just started to flourish.  I am an Historian by trade and for years have wished with all my heart to find a way to bring history to life.  Playing EQ provided the opportunity to get as close to that as possible.  I first conceived this idea in the summer of 2002 before I even discovered this website and learned of the yearning of so many gamers to find a true online world that they could enter into and lose themselves.  I have since done extensive research online and in my personal library to expand and develop this idea into a full blown MMORPG.

    I would point out that this concept is much more than just a few interesting ideas brought together to form a crude outline of a game.  It is a complete work from start to finish, including classes and races, lores and legends based on many mythologies from the ancient world.  The problem is, as I said, that I am an historian, not a programmer.  I have no ties to the gaming industry (which in a way is probably a good thing) and have very few resources (at present) and don't know how to break through that wall and get on the inside.  But I keep hoping and will keep working on it.  Maybe someday.

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