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is it just me or is the main site NEVER UP

BofisBofis Member Posts: 6

I'd like to take another shot at this game because 1: i just moved and im poor and 2: theres nothing else to play. But the god awful website is NEVER ONLINE jeez



  • evilmegamanevilmegaman Member Posts: 16
    It's just you. You have to put the www. before


  • BofisBofis Member Posts: 6
    did that, also clicked on the google link, clicked on the link from this page, and it never loads
  • AnawielAnawiel Member Posts: 98
    Is your internet conenction fast enough? I would say you should speak with your provider ... 

  • artuditu2artuditu2 Member Posts: 9
    Talk to your provider and recheck yoour firewall settings.

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