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yet another sony blunder

suskesuske Member Posts: 714

saw on tv last night the new gran turismo game for ps3 will be set up where you have to go online and pay to open up tracks and new cars, estimate at the time was 1000 bucks to open everything. add this to the 600 for the console and 40 for a hi def cable and 100 for the copy of the game...............

sony is smoking something!


  • RekrulRekrul Member Posts: 2,961
    You buy one of several editions of the game. Basic one only contains one track and two cars (or close to that). Then you can buy additional tracks, car sets, etc. Apparently, they intend to offer absurd numbers of tracks and vehicles.

    Micropayments + kids = $$$

    Look at cell phones. It's possible it won't work out in this case, but it's what future is all about.

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