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Questions on Nightfall

GMunnyWhiskeGMunnyWhiske Member Posts: 28

     I was about to buy guildwars Factions at best buy (I do not own prophceies), but when i picked it up, a Store employee who is a GW player infrom ed that a new stand alone GW Expansion, called Night fall is coming it on the 27th of october.

     I researched it a bit and learned all about it, the hero system  and the two new classes, Paragon and Dervish(<-- gonna be my primary), and as well as some other interesting information, but it raised questions for me.

     Will it have the two new classes in Factions? Will it have any of factions features? Will Prophecies have anything it doesn't? And will it be worth it to spend a hundred extra dollars to buy factions,and prophecies? And Should I buy Prophecies, Factions, Or Nightfall first?



  • SephisSephis Member Posts: 28

    Originally posted by GMunnyWhiske
         Will it have the two new classes in Factions? Will it have any of factions features? Will Prophecies have anything it doesn't? And will it be worth it to spend a hundred extra dollars to buy factions,and prophecies? And Should I buy Prophecies, Factions, Or Nightfall first?

    1: not, you will not be ableto create a Assassin or Ritualist

    2: No, you will not have the Material storage or access to Alliance battles and Factions skills

    3: each Chapter got Unique skills and armor only able to those who own that Chapter

    4: You don't need every chapter, but yes it is greater to buy GW, GWF and GW:NF

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  • neuronomadneuronomad Member Posts: 1,276
    Ask this question and you will get many responses:

    Some people perfer Prophecies due to it's slower leveling and deeper story than Factions. 
    Some people perfer Factions due to it's faster leveling and PvP focus.
    Some people say wait for Nightfall because it will be the best balance so far.

    Personally pick any of them, see how you like the game and then if you can buy all three.   The great thing about linking each campaign is that you can move your characters across all three and take advantage of all 3.  Also this maximizes the people you can meet and play with.  Meet someone who only has one campaign but you want to play with them, no problem.
    It all really boils down to how much money you have to blow.   However if you don't want to buy all three, my person advice would be to wait for Nightfall as it is only a month away and will be the happening place for a while making finding groups a lot easier.

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  • VGJusticeVGJustice Member Posts: 640

    I'd say that Sephis answered all your questions pretty well.

    One of the nice things about GW in general is that you don't need to buy every chapter. Each one will be stand alone, but each one will work together if you do decide to get each chapter.

    In every game there will be the 6 "Core Classes", which are Warrior, Ranger, Elementalist, Necromancer, Mesmer, and Monk. After Prophecies, each chapter (so far) has 2 additional classes that are exclusive to that chapter. In Factions, those were Assassin and Ritualist. In Nightfall, they are Paragon and Dirvish. Those classes have to be made in that specific chapter, but a character from any chapter can move to any other chapter that you've purchased (like my Ranger that I have moved from Prophecies all the way through Factions, and I plan to move through Nightfall once it comes out).

    And that's a reason to buy each of the chapters. You expand the story dramatically with each purchase, not to mention the amount of things that you can do. But, you don't need to buy all of them at once, and I don't recommend doing that anyway. Pick one chapter and play through it. Then, buy another chapter and play through that. I suggest starting with Prophecies (which has been proven as a reliable starting block and isn't so hard on newbies) or Nightfall (because it'll be the newest one and will likely have the largest player base for a while). Factions is rather not newbie friendly, so I would suggest getting that chapter as a second or third purchase rather than right off.

    And, last but not least, go to GuildWiki if you need to look anything else up. That's a great resource and has a huge amount of information available.

    Beyond that, good luck with Guild Wars. ::::20::

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  • The particular classes are per campaign only.  Or in other words you can only play Assassin if you have Factions.

    Features kinda depends.  For example the Observe feature that lets you watch GvG matches is for anyone.  I didn't realize the material storage was factions only.  If I remeber right there are no storage upgrade agents in prophecies cities and that is the barrier.  But I would guess that any feature that is client based will be part of the "Core". 

    I am guessing that once Nightfall goes live that everyone will have access to the rally flag for henchmen, but that Heroe type characters are only obtainable in the Nightfall campaign.  I am also assuming that Heroes obtained in Nightfall can be used in Prophecies and Factions as party members if you have obtained them.  At least I am hoping so.  I am fairly certain of the rally flag thing as that was part of the interface itself and I really doubt it would be disabled based on what keys you have.

    So when Nightfall is released you may get a few extra "features" as part of the Core, but some you won't be able to develop so to speak. 

    Anyway for myself, the Hero stuff is very cool if I had to buy one of the 3 it would be nightfall.  But I already have the other 2 and will be buying the third so ... :P

    As for which ones to buy eventually its more about what kind of class builds you want to be able to run.  And so browsing around GuildWiki is a good idea.

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