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If you seen Smedly in RL?



  • DuraheLLDuraheLL Member Posts: 2,951
    I would pull his leg or follow him to his car and make really deep marks in it with my key.
    Or just beat the living crap out of him, don't think I would have the patience to wait any longer than that...

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  • SoejckdswgSoejckdswg Member Posts: 338

    i would shake his hand and say " i just saved $15 a month by switching to geiko"...


  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 7,433

    I would not recognize him and pass by.

    Unless, he is wearing SoE gear and surrounded by another 10 peoples wearing such gear, in which case I will recognize him...and pass by, maybe muttering something and smiling evilly, but passing by nonetheless.

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  • TeranHawkinsTeranHawkins Member Posts: 279
    I'd use my jedi mind trick to make him roll back the servers to pre cu!!
  • jrscottjrscott Member Posts: 1,252

    Originally posted by Anofalye

    I would not recognize him and pass by.

    Unless, he is wearing SoE gear and surrounded by another 10 peoples wearing such gear, in which case I will recognize him...and pass by, maybe muttering something and smiling evilly, but passing by nonetheless.

    First time I read that, I saw "another 10 poodles". 

    I realize I said I quit. I never said it was forever :)

  • NasedooNasedoo Member Posts: 486

    Originally posted by Darklighter1

    Originally posted by Nasedoo

    see's smed...(runs to his car pulls out his light saber and jedi robe and cloak puts it on.. follows him to the SOE building.. use the force to open it.. walk in then close. use force to close all the exits.. then turn on my lightsaber and kill every single SOE/ LA in there.. then go to the sunset of the sun and cry. and think what i done..
    then see my girl friend come to the SOE building and ask her to join me.. and together we will rule SOE / LA
    after i hace control of SOE/LA i'll go to my car.. put my lightsaber and jedi cloak and robe in it and go home till tomorrow then come back and fix SWG

    That was kinda weird man.  Not that weird isn't good.....just.....


    oh my gosh i did that?? hahahaha .. thats so funny, i must of been drunk big time to write such a thing. haha thats funny

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  • WhipsmackWhipsmack Member Posts: 37
    Of course no one would actually hurt him IRL...but if something happened to him.... i'd probably *cheer*

  • iskareotiskareot Member Posts: 2,143

    Originally posted by KenshuAni

    Originally posted by iskareot

    In fact I will bet on it.   Give him credit, he called it a mistake, failure whatever else you want to take from it but I promise you that anything we say is NOTHING compared to the stockholders and higher ups he reports to.

    I have not seen a post by Smedley anywhere stating that the NGE was a mistake.  The closest I have seen is them stating that the timing and communication of the NGE was the mistake.  That doesn't cut it for me.  The timing and communication of how the NGE was released were definately a problem, but the fact that they knowingly pushed the NGE to live when it would upset their current paying customers is the biggest problem.  If you can point to an official post or press clipping where SOE has admitted this, I would greatly accept it.  Any other communication, for example a private email, is useless to me.

    I know how you feel, I know you want more public announcment -- that is what the producers did at the Game conference in Austin did (Officially) -- Smedley sent emails to people here telling you this.   I know you want him to go to some huge company and say this or post it but like I said, there is legal issues and MASSIVE issues that would make it worse.  I ever understand this.

    Think about this... IF SOMEONE posted the email he sent to some of us here on the SOE boards it would cause a thread to be 20 pages long and people demanding some sort of BAN or delete.   They do not want to hear the truth there... not at all.

    He cannot even post that there, people and the NGE fans would just scream... the GS's would cry or try to spin it somehow -- no clue how you can spin common sense and or it would be a mess.    The NGE is OZ -- pay no attention to game behind the curtain.  I am not dissagreeing with you but there is more to this then people think

    SOE did however admit this in public that it was a "mistake" -- they did do that. (not on the SOE boards though lol , that would be funny to watch I think.

    He cannot post anything like this on the SOE boards, it would cause the NGE fanbase to go ape shit.   I do wish he could debate this but it would be a flame war and I would be leading it even though I would try not to.  

    I disagree.  Much of those that still post there would be very happy to see SOE admit that the NGE itself was a mistake.  The true reason that he can't post such a thing on the SOE boards is because he might have to follow up with a reason why they can't put up a pre-NGE server, like maybe because of legal issues, many would lose hope and cancel.  This would probably be enough of a loss that it would cause SWG to go completely under.

    Depending on whatever contract they have with LucasArts, they might be forced to keep SWG going even if it becomes massively unprofitable.

    No way could he do this, not a chance... those are official boards.. LEC and SOE shared rights... info there is different then his own blog, other boards, emails.   He cannot post there freely as we may think.   I know this now myself.   If people cannot apply common sense to choose to play the game or not then we are not the ones to choose this for them.  Each person needs to choose for him or herself.  All we can do is inform them.   I agree with you though.. I wish he could do it... to once and for all letting the NGErs know what we do already from the big toe perse.

    I can also tell you that LEC is just as much to blame as well, do not think they did this alone... LEC has thier hand in this mess too.   This was more or less a poor business choice, concept and idea.   The team at SOE that chose this path should not be there maybe now, that is for sure... but at this late stage in the game, honestly they need to just ride this out.

    I am not forgetting LEC in this either.  However, it was SOE that had MMO experience.  It was SOE that developed the NGE.  It was SOE that pushed such an incomplete game to live servers.  It might have been LEC that forced SOE to do so, but it was SOE that lied to me.

    As for LucasArts.  I've lost nearly all respect for them.  And this says a lot, because I grew up absolutely in love with what LA had done with Star Wars.

    I know SOE had the insight but I think people were trying to fill those rose colored glasses with some spin.. I think they thought, or assumed they knew the SW crowd.

    I think they thought it was more people that would just roll with change and take anything they dished out.. they were wrong.  I think they made a choice based on bad information, bad Devs telling them bullshit and a bad marketing team telling them how to promote and do it.

    In the end we know the result, the facts are there, the proof is in the pudding.  The NGE backfired plain and simple we know it they know it the gaming community knows it.   Any GS or NGEr knows it too, thought not wanting to admit failure I can understand... the bottom line is take a look around, look at the comments, look at the reviews, look at the press, look at the BLOGS, look at the gaming community meetings, look at the Dev meetings, look at the emails and comments made from variouos Producers, Execs, President of the company have made.   NOT ONE OF THEM STATES THE NGE IS A SUCCESS IN ANY MEASURE --- NOT ONCE.   Nope in fact the first comment is "It was a mistake" --- That my gaming friends is common sense speech and if you cannot understand that it means faiure then I am sorry, look up the definition of the word "mistake" and see what you get.

    I usually picture the Career builder commercial with the room full of monkeys and upside down sales chart when thinking about the SOE/SWG decision making process.....
    SOE's John Blakely and Todd Fiala issued a warning: "Don't make our mistakes." Ref NGE
    Winner of the worst MMOS goes to.... the NGE and SWG..!!! http://www.mmorpg.com/showFeature.cfm?loadFeature=1034&bhcp=1

  • HaukenHauken Member UncommonPosts: 649

    Originally posted by Slickinfinit

    What would ya do? I would probably try to provoke him and see if he could get mad enough to fight and then try to incap the sob. 

    /bmoc hauken

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  • norse25norse25 Member Posts: 98

    Originally posted by Maxzius
    I'd ask him how in the hell did he convince ~80,000 people to pay him $15 / month to beta-test his new game for him.

    A Big LOL.  That is so true of most SOE crap
  • pirrgpirrg Member Posts: 1,443

    You guys have sunk to a new low with this thread. I cant believe some of the stuff im reading in here. You would honestly hurt the guy over a freakin game? Geez.. i think some of you need more happiness in your lives.

    I am the flipside of the coin on which the troll and the fanboy are but one side.

  • StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696
    Actually, I've seen enough reports on this, and having read through, I can't let it continue. I tried to let it go as long as I could, but like i said earlier, this is a REAL person you're talking about. If you want to get technical about it, anyone that said they would assault him is technically commiting a crime...

    Yes, I know most everyone is just playing around and joking, but it's gone past the point where people shoudl find it funny.

    I'm locking, and later deleting.


    Jon Wood
    Managing Editor

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