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theklitmastatheklitmasta Member Posts: 31

So hard to get money on guild wars,

i am a lvl 8 necro/ele

if you are willing to give me a bit of money to buy materials to buy new armour i will invite you to guild which has gvg all time and wll be so greatful xD



  • BentBent Member CommonPosts: 581

    If you think "earning" money is hard to do in GWs... I don't even have to guess what your guilds ranking must be.

  • last_exilelast_exile Member Posts: 196
    There is no reason to get on these forums and ask for cash it is soo easy to get in gw i keep atleast 150k in my storage at all times and i only farm 2-3 times a week
  • emdtemdt Member Posts: 325
    dude, just loot run. explore some, loot some, sell some. u get money fast in this game.

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  • neuronomadneuronomad Member Posts: 1,276
    The above replies are correct.  Guildwars is easy to make gold in.  Heck even with low level characters you can usually make more money than you can sake a stick out unless you are just wasting money.  There isn't any durability or other cost like in other games.   

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