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I wish swg would sunset



  • WakizashiWakizashi Member Posts: 893
    Failed it has, into exile it must go.
  • KillerJimmyKillerJimmy Member Posts: 216

    Originally posted by kaibigan34
    Wanting SWG to sunset or shutdown is like calling it a draw. Saying "We wont get what we want so lets just agree to disagree and move on."

    I am not for that. I want SWG classic back. And I wont settle for a draw. I will never settle for less. SOE owes everyone alot more then that. And I will not accept them taking the coward's way out.


    I can't see it happening. It's $OE after all... The cost of trying to roll back or create new classic servers would far out weigh the money they might get back from returning subscribers. It shouldn't be a loss, but I expect they would find a way to make it a loss: "Um, has anybody seen that old source code kicking around?" "Yea, we backed all that crap up onto the 'Deathstar' server." "Didn't we throw that server in the trash a year ago?!" "Yep."

    Anyway, from what I know of game companies like $OE and EA...I expect very strongly that the game will just continue to crutch along much as it is. The reality is: they probably have enough money coming in to cover minimal operating costs and so there is no reason to scrap anything. Scrap it to save face? Naw, the damage is done there! It's just another game that had it's day and got stuck on the Station Pass. I expect the NGE version of it will be there for years to come. Just another reason for them to possibly get an extra $5 (or whatever) a month from people playing whatever they release next.

    That's my synical view of the whole scene...

  • NasedooNasedoo Member Posts: 486

    i agree.. SWG in 88th place on MMORPG. rateing.. it need/ should sunset.. the day is about over for SWG..its time..

    but then again we all thought in Ep3 its over.. galaxy got took over by the sith lord in ep3 but later down the road. the sith was destroyed and the republic return with jedi knight and a skywalker to lead them! 

    Nasedoo: You said traders would get a revamp under my supervision.

    Darth Lord Blixtev: I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further.


  • zoey121zoey121 Member Posts: 926

    While there is no denying the population drops there is evidence as long as there is even a small profit margin there is no reason to shut it down if they are still making money.

     2nd they can get some folks back with classic servers i wouldn't rule that possiblity out

    frankly as much as they spent in development and re dos they will try to make some of their initial investment back.

     It 's not over till the shut down announcment comes or swg 2 which ever comes first

  • dookseiddookseid Member Posts: 282

    Originally posted by jrscott

    Originally posted by dookseid

    All I know is that when you have a product boasting 6 to 7 million players (WoW) who are on a large percentage adolescent,  going to be finishing with WoW shortly, and ready to hop into a more complex mode of play,  someone better be there to fill the void.

    This is a pretty good point.  I may have to use it as justification in my business plan for building something more mature and complex than WoW.  Hope you don't mind. 

    Don't mind it a bit...   although I disagree with some of what you write in these forums I still see you as one of the good guys...

    And if you get a green light on making a better game I better get a beta invite!!

  • TeranHawkinsTeranHawkins Member Posts: 279
    I agree also.  Mostly because I would like LA to move it to another Developer(some guys that did Kotor come to mind :O) and bring back the original pre cu SWG!!!
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