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Free to play!

Tomislucky7Tomislucky7 Member UncommonPosts: 31

Yes, it is free to play indefinitely.

If you must admins, move my topic from the general discussion pub to here.



  • IvannatinkleIvannatinkle Member Posts: 109
    Next it will be shut down. Sorry, but noone is gonna play that crap. Why do you think they went free? Because it wasn't worth crap and the people opening their wallets to play it wised up. You should, too.
  • Alcaz101Alcaz101 Member Posts: 21
    its not that big'a deal that its free to play...half the games on this sight are free 2play....
  • yukikoshiyukikoshi Member Posts: 9

    imagethat is so true!!!! image@#$%&;image    that most of the games in this site are f2p????????? imageimageimage

  • Lancelot84Lancelot84 Member Posts: 2

    if this is the fact for what i see in the below link, then not worth it liao

    started last night and this is what i saw in the morning. flyff better still.

  • the_chosen_1the_chosen_1 Member Posts: 33
    well the game looks O...K...  sure it is not like wow but i will try but i think i waste my time

    the grafic is O....K....   but not really my thing and i hope for u it is not only killing everything u see maby u can team up but it works i

    other games as well like eudemons
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