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swordfreak13swordfreak13 Member Posts: 62

how are the quests in the game r they the type to tell u to kill 30 of this monster or are there aculal quests

ignore the poll my comp f-ed up


  • VGJusticeVGJustice Member Posts: 640

    They are actual quests. There are the occasional quest like that, but usually it's "go here and talk to so-and-so" or "deliver such-and-such to so-and-so". A lot of the quests deal with killing a specific boss monster, but even then the quest is mostly about getting TO that boss monster rather than the actual killing of it.

    Search around here a bit and check out the quests there. Some spoilers, but not many. The game story is told mostly through in game cinematics from the Missions.

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  • 90% are purely mission oriented.  There are a very few kill 10 minotaur-type quests.

    The thing about the instanced nature of the game is the instance can change somewhat depending on your quest line up.  Its much easier for Anet to tailor quests to be less formulaic.

    I noticed in the Nightfall preview and I belive some stuff in Factions is like this too, but they sort of reuse the Mission instances.  When you go in as a mission the map makeup can be quite different versus when you go in on a normal quest.

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