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Anyone Vets from Chimaera here ?

Lo all,

Just wondering if there's still any vets around who played beta and upto NGE time on Chimarea?  If so the XXX crew would like to say hello.

Our times in Galaxies were the best rpg times we've had especially upto around pub 10 when the grinder Jedi started to emerge thus creating an uber class.We were never interested in grinding Jedi ..only in playing properly and fighting in pvp & once the albeit false semblance of balance went we decided our time was up.

As a small rebel guild based near Bestine we spent hour after hour looking for some imperial action with our rendevous point being the flag near the large hill between Bestine & Anchorhead, I think it was called capt morags flag or something like ... anyway those were the days.

 KDS ( imperial guild) owned the server at the time and kudos to them as they set the standard with their city on Lok & in an attempt to provide some resistance I attempted to link the smaller rebel guilds together with what was to be called the Rebel Alliance Network ( RAN) & for a week I spent hours upon hours contacting guild leaders/deputies in ingame chat trying to set things up & eventually we all agreed a meet point at some remote rebel guild hall in the middle of nowhere.

 Our initial ingame meeting was unbelievable and anyone who was there would have been witness to about 100 rebel leaders all interested in forming a network to combat KDS and their allies. A truly amazing turnout at some meet point I cant remember on Naboo. Nowadays I chuckle when I see someone trying to hype the game up with a picture of 5 afk players in a cantina. This meeting must have come close to crashing the server that night

Anway thanks to some good people like Sauron, Saulron,Light ,Maverik, Yanus & Yke, Jealmaret, Siderious, Razx, Jeztaar, Mascalzone,Dijpa,Jimpy, Bee, Iccy & Picalo & way too many more I can remember we did at least inject fun and a purpose into the GCW scene on Chimarea and we did have some successes including the set up of Liberty Bay ( Rebel base) which gave the imps something to attack. RDE did however have rightful claims to be the biggest individual pvp guild on our server & eventually their city in North Tatooine became the rebel hub....I can still remember Billz & co ( the buffbots in the cantina).

Since Galaxies weve played Guildwars, Silkroad & WoW and nothing has come close to the depth that Galaxies had. Nothing has come close to living in a virtual world building your toon,crafting, resource collecting, adventuring,fighting and socialising & trading (hell I could spend all night 'out of' game on those trade forums , I think my first big buy was a stun baton for about 15 mill and it had stats sommat like 324-420...please dont say I was ripped off as effectively I swapped it for a nightsister tape but I really wanted that baton and the auction that night was tense

.......If only the devs had had a proper roadmap from the outset SWG could have been a mint game for years.I have also sat in silence over the last year or so whilst quietly monitoring the Galaxies scene including interviews given by people called Torres who basically demonstrate with their repetitive useage of words such as 'iconic professions' , 'more starwarsy feel' etc that they simply do not have a clue about the mmorpg scene. Not a clue.

Now all we can realistically hope for is Star Wars Galaxies 2 & prey to god LEC have learned their lessons.Eventhen would/can they be trusted ? Afterall how would you feel again if youve spent 2 years developing your toom only for someone to pull the rug on it inorder to bring more new players in ? A truly amazing strategy - not. Anyway this has been discussed a million times...I wont say any more , no need to.

 For now I will continue to keep an eye on the mmorpg arena in the hope of another skillbased sandbox game. At the moment I'm struggling to find one which doesnt contain the words - 'character level' .I couldnt face another WOW grind..not for me, bring me back my Zabrak and my type 2 house and my guild mates, I miss you all .

Thanks for reading this ramble.

Ista  out


  • MARKPUDZMARKPUDZ Member Posts: 1

    I hope you have subscriptions on.. been looking for you guys for the best part of 10 years. 


    Check your PM ista!

  • SavageHorizonSavageHorizon Member RarePosts: 3,432
    You might want to look at the European version of Age Of Wulin. Don't look at the American version called Age Of Wushu because the devs are crazy.  http://en.wulin.webzen.com/

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