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Buying steel arrows

Phantom_2728Phantom_2728 Member Posts: 30

My char name is


Steel arrows-20 each minimum of 10

I am also hiring fletchers. You have a choice. You either get payed 900gp an hour or get payed by the items(if you bring me 150 steel arrows i buy them thats your pay)if you are interested in getting hired or selling me steel arrows contact me at Crusader2729 in Runescape I am on a lot. Please post your name on this post before messaging me on Runescape. Thank you.

Games played: World of Warcraft, Lineage 2, Runescape, Sherwood Dungeon,
Beta tested: World of Warcraft, Ultima Online Runescape username:Crusader2729
World of Warcraft chars: Cycrando, Cycroyl, Talano-Aerie Peak server

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