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Blizzard WOW Forums

OminisOminis Member Posts: 1,015
Does anyone else agree that Blizzard's WOW forums are the worst? Every time I am at the forums there is a wave of spam of total nonsense, estimations when the beta is coming out, and how they got an email from 'Blizzard' for the beta.

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  • SubleakSubleak Member Posts: 9

    Yes, i can definatly agree that this is one of the worst game forums ive been to. But then again it is in relation to B-Net... Blizzard seems to be great at making enjoyable games, but when it comes to managing a free community (ie. B-net) there are to many young immature posters, and not enough strict moderators.

    From the news ive read on the offical wow forums they are going to release new forums when the game goes into beta. These forums will be heavily moderated and also have ties to your ingame character, paperdoll figure or something. Lets just hope its not another load of BS image, like alot of the promises unfufilled at the moment.

  • SubleakSubleak Member Posts: 9

    blah, dunno how to delete doubles

  • jaielljaiell Member Posts: 3

    /agree ….not much offends me but I find the WoW forums riddled with filth and people attacking each other. After seeing Oz Punishments sig (anti Australian since 1980) and the fact that he rips Australians up soon as they post I have not even bothered to drag out my Diablo CD key and make an account. Its easier to just /ignore "name" once in the game and not have to deal with those peckers.

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  • KuritsuKuritsu Member Posts: 5

    I think WoW will be good, but Blizzard definitely screwed up on their forums. The current system puts up a barrier to older MMORPG players who play MMORPGs, not games. Since the typical player of today seems to be in middle or high school, the forums are overwhelmed with people who won't have the money to pay for the monthly subscription or have little to no experience in MMORPGs. The forums therefore provide very little useful feedback. If the developers listen to people on the forums, then the game is going to have some big problems. Fortunately, Blizzard doesn't listen to them.

    I am also sure a lot of the players lied about their age to qualify to get into beta too. So the beta is going to be filled with unproductive people.  Someone said beta is probably going to be more like a virtual child care center. Although exaggerated, there is a grain of truth to that. 

    This brings out the other side of the problem: since Blizzard's beta will be unproductive and they don't listen to the forums, then they are relying almost entirely on internal ideas with only a handful of external people giving them input. This is a survey bias which causes data and ideas to become skewed. Without getting a fair representation of the customer base, they will run into problems they could have fixed before retail release, but they now won't see them until release. I am sure they think they have this covered, but I guarantee they will not (every company  seems to think they know their customer base better then they actually do).  There are a lot of good ideas by experienced MMORPGers that won't get mentioned because there sample size of customers is small or skewed. 

    Back on track though, I have to remind myself that the forums on will not reflect the average player in WoW. I hope everyone else realises that too. If Blizzard realized how poorly the community reflects on their future game, they would eliminate the WoW forums entirely. Keeping it up in its current form only shows that Blizzard is made of people who can and do make bad business decisions, just like everyone else. Let's hope their bad decisions are minimal or easily and quickly correctable in the game.

  • DreoxDreox Member Posts: 7

    I'm pretty sure Blizzard has made it clear that its current forums are just a stomping ground for loud mouth whiney kids. It's kind of like training wheels on a bicycle, the kiddies have to learn how to use a forum, so they created the forums to train them in a safe unrealistic environment.

    Next point of note....Blizzard already knows that its customer base will NOT be age group 13-17. There will be players in this age group playing, but they will be so small as compared to the big picture that it just won't matter. The majority will be 18-39yrs old. I personally don't read or post on any forums due to the fact that I don't waste my time arguing with kiddies. The best advice I can give to anyone who wants to know about the kiddies on the forums is simply this. Kiddies always let their mouths write checks that their asses can't cash. Before I got wise, I argued with 2 kiddies about various subjects, and their natural response and limited thought processes always end with them talking smack about how much better they are than you. So I proceeded to investigate and identify these kiddies and then I handed them their asses in game. You'll be amazed at how easily you will spank them. And of course they will always have an excuse why they lost a fight. But what it really comes down to is...they just aren't smart enough to outwit an intelligent, mature player.

    So please, don't get yourself all riled up over some punk ass kiddie. Just find him/her in game and then just kill them. You'll know who they are...they will be the ones you killed so easily that you could only conceive that they must have been AFK....but in truth...they just suck so bad that they panicked and froze at the keyboard.

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    Some people open their mouth, and are heard...

    Some people open their mouth, and then get on their knees...

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  • viet_boy33viet_boy33 Member Posts: 395
    I disagree that WOW forums suck because some questions they ask kat goes in there and answers them and their privatley known to public unless you actually go there and read.

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  • ParaTrooperParaTrooper Member Posts: 1,961
    Check out this website. It has all the posts from the admins, very useful if you don't like most of the posts there but would like to see what the admins there have to say. 


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  • Agathos88Agathos88 Member UncommonPosts: 92
    i somewhat agree and somewhat disagree, it has its goods and bads, alot of it is the simple fact that, there is A Lot of idiots signed up to those forums(battlenet). I just hope i dont see any of them in WoW when it releases.hopefully mommy doesnt give her their credit card to sign upimage

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  • KIRSTENP0EKIRSTENP0E Newbie CommonPosts: 2

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  • KIRSTENP0EKIRSTENP0E Newbie CommonPosts: 2

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    Hungering Destroyer. Five players need to be assigned to take care of the leech buffs. If you are marked with a blue arrow, move to the side of the boss. Spread out for the circle Expunge attack. Run away from the boss during the Consume cast. The tanks should alternate as they get hit with Overwhelm.


    Lady Inerva Darkvein. An interrupt order has to be set up beforehand. The boss will be tanked in the middle. Ranged players need to soak the red circles. Tanks should swap as they get two stacks of Warped Desires. Beamed players have to coordinate the three orbs. Drain the containers when the boss moves to another one.

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