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WoW... worst community ever?



  • MrViceMrVice Member Posts: 197

    Gentelmen to your corners.  It's time for refery vice to step in.  Let me first start by saying I'm absolutly sick of these kind of posts.  Back off!!!  You want to get down on world of warcraft then get down on it for it's flaws in exacting terms not in harsh genereralits. If there is a feature you don't like, something that seems old then speak up.  Don't just throw your weight around like some arrogant know it all sob.  It's high noon and Ima callin you out.  If you wish to speak ill about wow then speak up, and put your money where you're mouth is.

    Now for the other side of this shpeal.  SHut up!  Don't defend WOW is stupid with the counter argument WOW is sweet.  God, I feel like I"m surrounded by imbosals.  I mean I can't spell but at least I can formulate an argument.  Cripes.  When people say that world of warcraft doesn't have pvp or enough war in it to suit there fancy, i would like to see a link to the world of warcraft pvp FAQ.  Which if any of you have read, you would know that wow is offering one hell of a pvp system.  Yeah sure you can't randomly go around kiling people, however interacal fighting has never been what warcraft has been about.  Historicly the Warcraft serres has been hoard vs alliance, so this system makes more sense anyway.

    Furthermore, I thought this thread was supposed to be about the World of Warcraft community and not about, world of warcraft ingeneral.  With that in mind I'm going to throw in my two sense on the origianl topic, which has been already stated by someone else more or less, but still I'm going to throw it in anyway.

    I agree with the intial post in that wow is going to attract a large group of immature assholes, however comming from FFXI and DAOC this is something I"m already used to.  personaly I don't 'think wow's draw should be considered a bane, but instead a blessing.  As someone has already stated, this game is bringing in people from all walks of life.  People who have never played an mmmorpg are going to pick up this title, and hopefuly, be enthralled.  Bringing in not the usual hardcore gamer, but people just looking to spend a weekend or a couple hours a day sitting in the world of azeroth.  COncintrate on the positives man, and not just the negitives.  Divercity is a wonderful thing.

    Oh and while I'm posting I might as well talk about something else thats chapping my &*$.  I'm sick of people complaining about first time mmorpgers.  "Oh my god, we're going to have people who aren't even going to know what a level is, playing this game.  Oh god, they won't even know what proc or add means."  Shut the hell up you elitest bastards.  I don't think you came into your first mmorpg being all knowing.  Everybody has to learn sometime, and while yes it can be frustrating dealing with someone new, it can also be a rewarding experance taking that person under your wing and turning them into a seasond vetrins. I wish the first person you ran into in a mmorpg treated you like you consider these people.  Then maybe we wouldn't have to deal with you posting on this message board.  Show some compassion #&%$ lick!  Personaly I'll take they're virgin optimism to your jaded @$$ anyday of the week.

    With with that said I'm outie
    Vice Man image

    PS:  This post doesn't pertain to everyone who has posted on this board.  I think those of you to whom it doesn't pertain are smart enough to figure it out, without having to name names.

  • QuessQuess Member Posts: 78

    well guys if we want lets try and put together some questions for Blizzard and then one of us or admin can send them a mail and we can see if they answord, just a idear but a possibal one.

    So i am a addict. i can live with it =)
    can you ?

    So i am a addict. i can live with it =)
    can you ?

  • HemKhanHemKhan Member Posts: 231
    Apart from the swearing........Vice made a very good point.

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  • FlamingBoiFlamingBoi Member Posts: 206
    all i can say is.. i think ure the childish and immature one.. come on, people have their preference in games, and it is not up to you to decide.. i have played like thousands of mmorpg over the past 3 years.. i dare admit that im not a n00b to MMORPGS.. but you have to respect the others who have just gotten in.. and btw.. im 14 .. >< ..started playing mmorpgs at around 11.. or 10.. forgot..

  • RegusRegus Member Posts: 489

    Warcraft 1/2, Starcraft and Diablo are "old" games so these 12year old f*ucks like you call them will come from Warcraft 3 because they could barely read when these games came out.

    yes it is a brand but a damn fine one too so why not make a game a lot people think will be good and if they reach a lot of new players so be it.

    These new players will play other games when they like it (= mmorpg) so they help the other developers too (greater player population). 

    Weren't you once a "noob" and started playing and asking (dumb?) questions, give them a break not everybody can be that perfect like you.

    One day all will die, surely you but never I.

    "One day all will die, surely you but never I." Wheel of Time

  • ogatogaogatoga Member Posts: 24

    lol.... u mite as well have Coca~Cola make an MMO!!

    They already have an MMOG, Cokemusic... www.cokemusic.com  you make music, from preset sounds and just hang around and play ur music @ concerts.  Its fun for a while image

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