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Favorite All-time Profession



  • PyscoJuggaloPyscoJuggalo Member UncommonPosts: 1,114

    Because of this:

    The Rifleman Community

    --When you resubscribe to SWG, an 18 yearold Stripper finds Jesus, gives up stripping, and moves with a rolex reverend to Hawaii.
    --In MMORPG's l007 is the opiate of the masses.
    --The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence!
    --CCP could cut off an Eve player's fun bits, and that player would say that it was good CCP did that.

  • njdevi66njdevi66 Member UncommonPosts: 213
    I was there at the day of release, and was working my way towards the one reason why i bought the game, not only that i loved star wars, but my main reason for buying the game was to be a master creature handler.

    I was a Master Creature Handler 3 weeks into the game, and died when NGE hit. To log onto the game now, id be betraying my pets.

    I miss my pets :(


  • ArtifacTArtifacT Member Posts: 222

    my favorite was ranger :D those were the best days i had in SWG...

    reasons? hmmm

    1.rangers were rare loved being one because generally people thought they were "useless" and many people were too lazy to master it.

    2.camps cmon they were just cool u gotta admit that... even tho they were basically useless :P

    3.RP/exploring- i wasnt a hardcore RPer but i would log into swg just to explore and find anything worth looking for... i would log on just to go to the corners of the planets just to see what was there =[ i miss those times

    4.Resources/Tracking i helped many people in my guild become jedis... finding creatures for them and such... i also helped many crafters in the guild.... i was poor for my entire play time.. seriously i never had more than 2mil credits because i loved helping the AS's get that amazing leathery hide from Dant when it was good just for the composite armor =] (i think thats what it was for anyway) and getting the RIS components with the guild was always fun...

    yeah thats about all i can think of now....

  • suskesuske Member Posts: 714
    honestly, master nge hater is pretty fun............
  • GearboxGearbox Member UncommonPosts: 25

    Wow I'm shocked no one said this: My favorite by far.
    Master Rifle/Combat Medic/Doc
    PvP nightmare with the right gear and poison.

  • OspekOspek Member Posts: 11

    Doc was a hybrid of most of the elements I loved about the game.  Firstly, docs had the non-combat, social gameplay of buffing and wound healing.  Secondly, docs had powerful heals and cures that were an asset to a group in combat.  And finally, on top of all that, docs could be crafters if they so chose; I hated the idea in beta, but it ended up becoming one of things that I enjoyed most about the profession.

    Doc could be paired with a full-on crafting profession so that one could tend a shop day to day, yet still pick up a stimpack needle and go hunting with the boys on weekends. It was also an excellent complement to any combat or entertainer profession (for one-stop healing).  My "main" went through many templates, but always a doc.

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