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Favorite All-time Profession



  • LeelLeel Member Posts: 455
    CH :(
  • grinreapergrinreaper Member Posts: 507

    Ranger and TKM

    Ranger was a truly different experence...I mean, comon...milking? the Fishing mini game  

    and TKM for the animations...I only played this game for a short while before it went poof, but those were the ones I had fun with

  • m240gulfm240gulf Member UncommonPosts: 460

    For me it was most definetly MBH/M.Carbineer.  It was like the secret profession combo that everyone forgot because it had no defenses but I never had an issue hunting jedi pre-CU.  there was two of us in the old days on my server with this combo and we had to be the most successful BHs there was...he had novice brawler and I had novice medic and we'd tag team jedi masters (not everytime just when the time was right) and completely stopped hunting noob jedi.

    Man, I really wish SWG of old would come back with non-SOE support.

    I Reject your Reality and Substitute it with My Own!

  • BrentmeisterBrentmeister Member Posts: 79

    I had the most fun as a MS/MF and as a MR/MCH. BE was the most intricate and involved of any of the profs, in my opinion.

    I also enjoyed the MBH/MCarb, Carbines were my favorite weapons of the game.

    If you can't tell I had many profs and loved something about ALL of them before the Dark Times fell.

    There's free love on the Freelove Freeway.

  • Wildcat84Wildcat84 Member Posts: 2,304
    I didn't have a favorite profession, though I have a soft spot for Swordsman and Doctor, my first two elite masteries, but I do have favorite templates:

    Master Swordsman/Master Doctor/Master Medic
    My original template.  Wish I'd kept it longer...

    Master Swordsman/Teras Kasi Master/Master Fencer
    My second template, this was a FS grinding machine!  Unstoppable with some medic support.

    Master Swordsman/Teras Kasi Master/Master Brawler
    Just as good really as the one above, especially in PvP

    Master Doctor/Master Dancer
    This was my 2nd account,  she was a support toon, and I had a blast playing her.

  • LilTLilT Member Posts: 631
    Everytime this topic comes up, I pick something different. I cant decide between :

    Pikeman - It was just damn sexy. What else can i say?

    TKM -the perfect base for almost any profession melee or ranged, and UA3 was beautiful.

    Tailor or ID -Im a girl, I like clothes, hair and makeup, especially when I can change them with my mood.

    Master Powers - Force lightning was fun. Choke was even funner. Too bad it was mostly gimped. It was the ultimate novelty template.

    For the Horde!

  • BissrokBissrok Member Posts: 1,002
    I liked being a doc. Just sitting around, talking to people and healing wounds.

    Then BE. There's just something cool about taking DNA of the meanest things in the galaxy and making your own creatures.

    But my favorite's gotta be commando. And it's all because of the flamethrower.

  • VagelispVagelisp Member UncommonPosts: 448

    My favourite was Creature handler ranger and rifleman.

    I was wandering in Dathomir full buffed and i was searching for rancors, and if i was lucky maybe a bull rancor baby. I was using my camp skills to help other players heal and in general i founded an RPG Role in the only nice online Game there was around.

    I did not care much about combat strength and things like that since my tamed creatures acted as a decoy even in the most hard combat situations, and using my custom made T21 rifle or Jawa for PVP i was always playing a vital part in any RP group.

    This was before...

  • JBRcoolJBRcool Member Posts: 2
    Smuggler/Pistoleer  selling drugs and slicing weapons & armor was just great as well as those cool skills, feign death (did i spell that right), lowblow, and being able to buy and sell faction =D

  • Pale_FirePale_Fire Member UncommonPosts: 360
    Master Smuggler/Master Gunfighter
  • MorriganeMorrigane Member Posts: 152

    Impossible to pick a favorite - I tried most of them at one time or another with various characters.

    Dancer/tkm was probably the most fun, back before the holocron frenzy and the afk cantina hysteria. I got such a kick out of running around Dath smacking rancors with my Master Dancer tag up.

    I know, I know...the simple pleasures...

    So'fe Sose, Naritus, SWG- Forcibly Retired
    Friends don't let friends SWG...

  • mithrandir72mithrandir72 Member Posts: 1,286


    It was never about the PvP or the usefulness of the Template (Besides maybe Feign Death, which I loved). It was about being able to walk into a cantina, sit in a corner, and to everyone who came in, say:

    "Psst, buddy, I got some good stuff. You intrested?"

    And then there were the barfights. Unequip the weapons, duel with everyone who agreed to the rules (Who wasn't melee) and have a neverending Barfight because someone was "Holding back the Shipment" or someone drank too much, and "Started some trouble".

    Then there was just sitting and talking. Sociallizing with the Dancers and whoever else came in. You were a regular. You developed friendships with nearly everyone. Everyone knew you, and you knew them.

    And that was just the Cantina. I could go on and on, when I think of the people I met, the guilds I've been in, the fun I've had. All in the past now.

    We barely remember who or what came before this precious moment;
    We are choosing to be here right now -Tool, Parabola

  • bas1889bas1889 Member UncommonPosts: 123
    im gonna have to go w/ tkm...loved the animations :D
  • shirlntshirlnt Member UncommonPosts: 351
    Creature Handler -- taming and training animals, being able to use animals in combat, hoping babies would pop from lairs, my collection of "monkeys" that my last CH she was BE so I had pets I had made, it was sad to open that datapad after NGE and see all my pets that could no longer come out and play
  • majochmajoch Member Posts: 599
    CH with some Carbine thrown in.
  • ChessackChessack Member Posts: 978

    I loved the dance animations, especially formal, lyrical, and exotic. I enjoyed playing the socialite character who chats with the war-weary vets as they come in for a bantha beer. For months I would just log in somewhere near Keren, go to Keren cantina, and dance with a small group of entertainers there. People coming and going via the shuttle would see the blue dots on their radar and come check out the action. The doc who manned the hospital down the hill would come up and jam with us (he had some music skills) when business was slow. There was good RP, and plenty of it, and I had probably the most fun I have ever had in my time playing MMORPGs.

    Those were the days.


  • ChessackChessack Member Posts: 978

    Originally posted by Bissrok
    I liked being a doc. Just sitting around, talking to people and healing wounds.

    Then BE. There's just something cool about taking DNA of the meanest things in the galaxy and making your own creatures.

    But my favorite's gotta be commando. And it's all because of the flamethrower.

    This really points out that the original version of SWG was so damn cool. OK, yes, there were bugs and lots of things didn't work as they should have. But when you think about what you could do as a BE, or a CH, or some of the other cool/strange profs they had... or the odd/interesting prof combos you could do, like BE/Chef... there was just nothing like it before, and hasn't been since... and may never be again, sadly.

  • n2k3156n2k3156 Member Posts: 523

    Most complicated, in depth thing I've ever done in a video game.

    NGE Refugee.


  • SplashinSplashin Member Posts: 14
    Doctor/TKM it was such a self reliant template, but always had a secret love of pistols.

  • ShadowLordsShadowLords Member Posts: 186

    I loved my Jedi. I loved knowing that I could be hunted at any time. It took me over a year to unlock and then maybe another 3-6 months to grind it. I was scared chitless the whole time because I was so weak. When I unlocked , I had such a sense of accomplishment words just cant properly descibe it.

    As far as non-Jedi profession .... I mastered 19 of them so I can't just pick one. I totally enjoyed BH, Master Pistoleer, and Shipwright. I also had a blasst with MCH and MBE.

    /sigh .... our game is forever gone.

  • ReachwindReachwind Member Posts: 275

    Dancer or Musician. Loved them both (back when the role was healer).

    Former SWG beta tester and player

  • mrblurrymrblurry Member Posts: 2
    Doc/Combat Medic
    Loved the healing, loved the poo chucking :P

  • bigfootsbigfoots Member Posts: 198

    MCH with Carbineer.

    Just for the pets baby, for me it was all about the pets.

    The day my MCH became redundant and was forced to hunt for new employ was the day I left in despair.

    P.S. Bigfoots can now be found working as a snake charmer in Mumbai.....

    Proud Master CH -
    Proud FORMER Master CH...
    my toon was untimely converted into something more Star Warsy

  • DistopiaDistopia Member EpicPosts: 21,182
    Fencer With , pistoleer and Doc . :

    I always loved the tells I got from jedi saying .

    "Wtf, Why in the hell can't I Dizzy or Kd you ? , Or the follow up "damn thats a nice gaderffi" .

    For every minute you are angry , you lose 60 seconds of happiness."-Emerson

  • Wildcat84Wildcat84 Member Posts: 2,304

    Originally posted by Malickiebloo
    Fencer With , pistoleer and Doc . :

    I always loved the tells I got from jedi saying .

    "Wtf, Why in the hell can't I Dizzy or Kd you ? , Or the follow up "damn thats a nice gaderffi" .

    Fencer by itself sucked.

    Fencer plus ANYTHING else was the perfect complimentary stack...  When I added Fencer to Swordsman...  Damn, I could grind Pikets/etc without armor...

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