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I can't find the Warcraft 3 frozen throne bonus capaign's

I searched everywhere on the internet. searched the Blizzard and battle net sites and there links and went to dozens of other sites that have a link to the Warcraft 3 frozen throne bonus capaign's (the one that starts with the fouding of Durothar). but I JUST CANT FIND THEM. I know there out. I know there around but I dont know where. image

Can someone PLEASE tell me where I can download it from.  Please, its really frustrating me. i want to play and beat them before world of warcraft comes out.


Dash The Ryu

Dash The Ryu

Dash The Ryu


  • GendailGendail Member UncommonPosts: 178

    You must not have looked to hard ::::35::

    They are right on Battle.net

    No thanks neccassary, I'll just take cold hard cash hehe.

    EDIT: I just realized you were asking for bonus CAMPAIGNS not MAPS. Sorry about that. The only bonus campaign I am aware of is the Orc one that came with Frozen Throne, of which acts II and III are included in the patch, when you patch your game

  • DashDash Member Posts: 25

    Those arent the extra CAMPAIGN'S. there is an extra campaign which tells the stroy between the evnts of warcraft 3 and world of warcraft. The one with the beast master and stuff. The Things your refering too are the EXTRA MAPS. Not the BONUS CAMPAIGN!

    Dash The Ryu

    Dash The Ryu

  • AluadanAluadan Member Posts: 118

    If you're talking about the bonus campaign (Part 1) that was included with Frozen Throne and the next 2 parts that were supposed to be released later, they were included in a patch that came out a few months ago as the last poster mentioned. Just connect to Bnet through wc3 and download the latest patch and you'll be set.

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