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Open Beta Events!

Open beta is just a couple of days away (Friday 22nd @ 7pm GMT+8 timing) and here are some of the events that have already been announced for the upcoming players!

Pirate King Online Open Beta Fastest Leveler Event
Date: 22/09/06 7.00pm to 24/09/06 12.00am (GMT + 8)

Rules for Fastest Leveler Competition
1. Once the server is open. Players may join the game world immediately and begin leveling.

2. There are no rules to how you may level up. (Quest or grinding)

3. Players with the top levels (as of 24/09/06 @ 12.00 am GMT + 8) will be awarded the following prizes:

1st place: 3 Gem Vouchers
2nd place: 2 Gem Vouchers
3rd place: 1 Gem Vouchers

All top 3 placings will also receive a new title in the Pirate King Online forums (Speed Leveling Monster) which they may choose to accept/reject or give a suitable alternative which we can consider.

4. Exploiting bugs is strictly not allowed.

5. This event is open to all players of our game.

Event: Early Birds
NPC: Redemption - Bingo (2230, 2715)
Location: Argent City
Start Date: 23/09/06 - 1900 hrs (GMT + 8)
End Date: 25/09/06 - 0700 hrs (GMT + 8)

Players can redeem their one time reward by completing a quest for NPC Bingo. They will need to kill 10 Little Squidies at (2287, 2555) outside of Argent City.

-Strive Amplifier x 1 (Grant user 30mins of double experience gained)
-Lantern x 2 (Increases defense of user by 50 points for 15 minutes)

-Limit to Lv 10 players only
-Once per account.

Event: Potluck
NPC: Old Man Blurry (2271, 2700)
Location: Argent City
Start Date: 23/09/06 - 1900 hrs (GMT + 8)
End Date: 30/09/06 - 1900 hrs (GMT + 8)

Players Lv 60 and below can obtain quest from NPC Old Man Burry. Kill 20 Forest Spirits, 20 Little Squidies, 10 Mud Monsters, 10 Stramonium and 10 Rookie Boxeroo and get back to him to redeem your reward.

Pet Fairy x 1 (2% chance)
or Magical Clover x 1 (3% chance)
or Refining Gem Voucher x 1 (5% chance)
or Acceleration Potion x 1 (20% chance)
or Triangle Sail x 1 (30% chance)
or Lantern x 1 (40% chance).

-Limit to players below Lv 60

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