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<> Agamaggan server <> PvP guild <> Alliance

AikesAikes Member Posts: 292

Guild name :  [FS]   Foundation Stone

Server: Agamaggan US

Faction: Alliance

Desired Level to join: 60 (though exceptions are made at times)

We are always looking for level headed PvPerswho are adult in attitude

Contact :  Taurel or Amerika in game for more info if you are interested

You can also shoot me a message if you like on ( Aikes )

GL in the game

"SWG was a world, now it's just a game" -adamrk-

"When the game was good, you didn't have to ask where the population was, because it was everywhere. When the game was good you didn't have to ask which server had population, because they all did. When the game was good you didn't have to beg friends to give it a try, because they were already playing. " - Salty Pete

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