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DarthoriousDarthorious Member UncommonPosts: 70
I kept coming here trying to find kaoswar only to forget they never had a spot here for you guys lol, it's about time they did.

I think alot of people are/will be forgetting one thing you can always tune down and disable graphics and features for the most part, and eventually when you buy a better system you will be glad the game was released by developers that invisioned the future because then you can turn up the graphics and oohh and ahhh at it.  I use to have an ancient comp. and played MMO's with it eventually I upgraded and was quite fun to be able to re-explore places and see the beautifull graphics like I hadn't seen them before lol...

I really do think you all are going to hit the big time.  Sorry but anyone in WoW that saw a game advertised like this would have to really...well lets just say they wouldn't be on WoW for long lol...

I really like seeing people say ah this can't be done or that can't be done and proving them wrong.

Reminds me of back in the day when they said pop up windows could only be done by javascript and not pure HTML.  It took me 10 minutes to make an pure HTML coded web site that had pop-up windows simply by exploiting a bug in HTML lol...

So go nay-sayers it only makes it that much more fun to prove you wrong...

Seriously though guys awsome work and I do see big lights and fancy cars in your future


  • DamonSRIDamonSRI Member Posts: 20
    Hi Darth! Good to see you here. Yep up on atlast. We hope everyone here starts to get excited about Kaos War. Alot more to come for sure! Thanks for checking up on us and your kind words. Great community here!

    Damon Grow
    Creative Director Kaos War: Rise of Fallen

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